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  1. Bohuslav Martinu..for the 6 amazing symphonies and the concerto for Timpani Piano and 2 orchestras.
  2. Rued Langgaard without a doubt, he was dwarfed by his Danish contemporary Carl Nielsen. His opera Antikrist is by far my most favorite work in the genre, and his "Music of the Spheres" has surpassed even some Mahler that I listen to. He was apparently the first composer to ask a pianist while performance of one of his works to physically play the piano via directly touching the strings rather than the keyboard, and Gyorgy Ligeti, when first introduced to his music stated that he apparently was a follower of Langgaard. Some champions of his music have stated that some of his string quartets had minimalstic tendencies in them.. which I can't really help to to take with a grain of salt, seeing as I haven't heard them and people will say almost anything to popularize something. Still though, Rued Langaard, check him out.
  3. Persepolis by Xenakis.. really awesome piece of electronic music imo. I am also digging the soundtrack from I, Robot composed by Mark Beltrami.. aaaaand 2 Sketches based on Indian Themes by Charles Griffes. All lovely pieces of music.
  4. Anyway, I second this, sounds like a good idea. If I only had a dollar for every thread I posted in, forgot about, and came back much later to see that whatever I said had several responses ... I'd have like 5 dollars.
  5. 1. Mahler Symphony 8 2. Bruckner Symphony 9 3. Sibelius Symphony 7 4. Prometheus Symphony (Scriabin) 5. Turangilila Symphony (Messiaen)
  6. Dude, I LOOVED your quartet.. especially the loud boisterous well construced climaxes best. And I loved the adagio as well, it was so beautiful.
  7. Alright then. Once again, welcome to YC, you'd enjoy it here. :) ..and no one's gonna steal your quartets.
  8. Yeah umm... I'm not sure why you joined the forum then.. this is a music sharing site where people upload their music/share it and recieve feedback.. not go around boasting about pieces which they won't show. lol Welcome to YC anyway, and trust me, no one's going to steal your quartets.
  9. Biggest lolwut ever. I have no idea wtf the dedication page means, but w/e.
  10. I thought they found some more Mozart compositions earlier this year. Gosh maybe Mozart isn't dead at all, just really old, still composing and making millions. :P
  11. Anton Bruckner lives!!!! And I agree that Bruckner may take a little time to get into, I hated him at first..I'm not sure about years though
  12. I've actually heard of this before, that each hammer blow in the symphony represented a tragedy to come in in his life, it was kinda interesting because the 6th in all of its meloncholy was composed in a rather happy time of the composer's life. I however don't really think that anything would happen if the third hammer blow was to be played today in concert, I know Bernstein does it in his recording (or atleast, one of his recordings) of the symphony and I don't think he turned over and died as he cued the percussionist to strike it :P. Perhaps the reason that it isn't played so much today is because Mahler himself was afraid to let it be played at the premiere and it was published that way, not because of some supersition that if it was to be played horrible things would come to be. I also think it interesting that after Mahler wrote in the 3 hammer blows he decided to take out the 3rd, if each hammer blow was to be a certain tragedy in his life I wonder what the 3rd one might of actually been. I have heard quite a few representations for each hammer blow, the death of his daughter, his wife's adultery, his firing from the Vienna Opera House because of his Jewish origins, his weak heart/healthproblems, his death etc. Whatever the third one represented, it was of the most fear to him to come to be. Perhaps it was his death, who knows? Mahler was always obsessed with death as evident in his fear of writing a 9th symphony because he thought that he'd die soon after its completion.
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