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  1. I'm nearly 18, and have always had a passion for every type of music. I've been making hip hop beats with FL Studio, if you're familiar with it, for around two years, although not exactly "composing" I've learned a lot about as far as notes and chords and things go. I've also been working on independent music within the program, with piano and drums and things, and it's taught me even more than what I thought I wanted to know. I'm self teaching myself in my past time piano, and being I'm a percussionist, I don't know much about chords, keys and things of that nature, that I wish I did know. Up until a few weeks/months ago, I've been wanting to pursue a career in Graphic Design, and I have discovered that all along, my real love has been in music, and thought not to try and force myself into a more "business" career, but to embrace what I have a natural yearning for, and make the best of it. I have also discovered the program Finale, which was something I didn't know existed, and didn't know I really wanted until I saw it, via a band director. So that's my situation. I'm really just wondering what would be the best for me, as far as schooling after graduation, and what kind of tips or tricks that I could do to just better myself in the musical field. After looking at this forum, I've seen there are many well educated and smart people, so I figured this would be good place for me to come to. Sorry for the long read, but thanks!:D
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