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  1. Do you know where can I find traditional(world wide) sheet music or midi files?
  2. Thank you! I found a band too The Shadows, they have a simple orchestration chords,lead,bass,percussion but all of their melodies are unique and pretty nice. I'll start whit Mozart and Vivaldi too and John Adams' Harmonium. And see what else I can get my paws on. :)
  3. Can anybody suggest me some melodies whit interesting chord progressions, pls? I will like to analyze some for better understanding of harmonizing. Thank you! :)
  4. Thanks I wanted to know if it has what I need to use to verify or apply in my future compositions. Guess I'll get on my studying. As for Joe: Please read the whole post before saying something from now on. :P
  5. Ricci Adams' Musictheory.net Is this site good for a beginning composer? what grade would you give it?
  6. I like to improvise. As my teacher says it gives you an orgasm(a mental one :) ) if you put your feelings in the instrument. Its just like whistling only with a lot of feelin'. Anybody can do it only some of as are stubern enough to believe that they can't. For it's a manifestation of the soul. I just let my mind loose and the rest its keeping the fingers on my guitar. I don't use nothing that I learn like licks or pieces of melodies, maybe just simple ideas. I even record this things and listen and get new idees how to improve my singing... and maybe in the future my composing :sadtears:. After a while I mange to go in high speeds and even improvise anytime I want from what I memorised. In conclusion for me improvisation is a way to manifest yourself as freely as possible... and get an orgasm... :whistling: ... or a girl :D
  7. Thank you! I got the idea: school it's good but the diploma is not necessary. I know some teachers from the music college in my City who will help get in touch whit somebody from the Conservatory from the Capitol(I a student here in engineering -hate it lots of math-). Beside this I already study a lot and exercise whit my computer. Thanks again.
  8. Ok I think I got the way. Learn to compose like I learned playing a instrument(exercising various things), read a lot of music theory, listen and study a lot of varieties of music. Looks like I have to learn how to use composing programs and study music and theory(I'm not very advance at it) . Thank you.
  9. "I learn form many people virtual, real or on paper some teachers some composers."-is it this part?
  10. Sorry I'm not English and I hate grammar and spelling. The forum has this nifty thingy that helps you to correct your errors and I don't see were I made a mistake.
  11. Thank you. I am ok with learning, I just don't have time to go to 4 year University to study music for now. I learn form many people virtual, real or on paper some teachers some composers. A have 4 music teachers which are also my friends: classic guitar teach, rock guitar teach and 2 friends who have a band and know a lot of music theory. I thought that to have an audience you had to be whit a diploma.
  12. Did anybody had success in composition without having a diploma?
  13. :toothygrin: Tanks, It's nice to now that I'm not the only engineere-composer on the site (I'm in Automatization) I allsow started late at composing (about 16-17) while my first year of guitar studies (all I known then was that a melodie must be composed on a scale). -When I started reading this and saw that most of the people on the forum strated at 8-12 years I kind of got scared and almost ran away :)-. The first few melodies that I comoised were in guitar pro 5 (I hated that time normal notation and I used the TABs and the guitar, now I grew :)), I didn't new nothing of music theory, but people that heard my "compositions" apreciated them. I wanted to take the next step: improvising, I realy wanted to get the stuff from my mind in a fluid and light speed way. Trough a lot of practice and resarch on how the mind works I manged to impress many people.I couldn't be more pleased. But my melodies were preaty simple: a simple chord progresion (ex C F G), a solo, and after that I added instruments to create a deaper atmosfere(i will post my first melodies here) Now I want to go complex. I listen day and night to great composisions and try to figure them out. I manged to creat entire melodies in my mind but when it comes to writing down its hard, bercause I hear the whole orchestra and I don't know what to write first and it all goes away. It is preaty fustrating :) . I am starting to get used to finalle note pad and hopefully I will get confortable whit it. Another problem of mine is that I don't have my ear trained enough to write down music direcly on the papper (not enough confidence, this is beacuse I stared late). But I know this will be sorted out in time. This is my story i guess.
  14. I am realy curious how did you start writing scores and learning the true art of composing. It will help me and maybe others to create a step by step method of getting better, puting the music in our heads on the score and other important things like those. Or if you could tell were I can find full(big) bios of composers it will be a real great help. Thank you! I am not a composer just a person whit imagination that wants to compose. I now how to improvise on an instrument but because of that, I can't maintain a melody in my head long enough to write it and the melody dosen't come out on the papper the way it comes on my instrument.
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