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  1. marsbars

    cake WRLD

    Hi, This is a new track, I wrote it in one day. Its essentially built off a b5b9 scale.. https://soundcloud.com/spydrmnd/cake-wrld
  2. I hate to say it but welcome to the club. Music hits us all differently. Every artist has felt at some point, his art is greater than what people perceive it as. This is part of your journey. It's as normal as getting the chicken pox as a kid. I would be worried more if you DIDNT ever feel that way. It means you aren't really pushing yourself out there enough. 😊
  3. He seems to use alot of minor / major juxtapositions Also layering in very subtle synths in the background is part of it
  4. Hey It's been awhile since I posted music on here. i've been obsessed with the electronic 'genre' as of late. so.... Here's something I hope you find interesting
  5. Tried making a kids show opening theme https://jumpshare.com/v/37KMTQA7iMuSrK7IJrqW It sounds a bit too "jazzy" i think What are some scales you would use for a playful (figure ages 5- 12) kids tv show Obviously modes like lydian would be helpful but, it has to be both innocent and a tad " mischievous"
  6. Hey, Lately i've been trying to figure out what a xylophone actually is. My dad had an array of metal bars that you would hit with mallets. We reffered to this as a xylophone, but it seems that a xylophone is wooden. So i guess that would make it a glockenspiel? More confusion: wickipedia defines a xylophone as having wooden bars, yet it shows the NBC "xylophone" (or whatever it is) as having metal ones. Anyone care to clear this up for me?
  7. Hi, Consider breaking up the melodic runs Maybe come up with a few rhythmic ideas and try to embed them here and there Also, consider changing the voice leading in some areas of your accompaniment
  8. Really good stuff. The only thing I would say is the drums on the second one are a tad bright, maybe bring down the levels a bit
  9. You nailed it my friend. Thanks so much. The second one has really been a stumper for me.
  10. The first is a by some contemporary classical group that I can't remember the name of. It repeats this sort of figure throughout the piece and then layers strings on top of it. The second is the rough melody line to some sort of electronic piece. It sounds like Tangerine Dream or something. Not sure who it could be. Any ideas? unknown.mid unknown2.mid
  11. I came up with a couple of themes on my keyboard. Problem is I don't know how to "capture" them. They feature odd 16th note changing time signatures and "dingalinging" (I don't know what it's called) basically just randomly wiggling around on a chord shape. How would you notate that? Now I can't play the piano for my life, but there are things I would like to hear like syncopated 32ths with the left hand against a 16th note pattern with the right. The problems: a)I can't play the piano well enough to capture what I want to hear. b) a notation program would be far too tedious to use I guess the real challege is this, the piece sounds randomish but I don't want the player to just be playing random notes, however I don't see notation as a practical means of getting the music across.
  12. Something I always wondered: How does your music reflect your personality, or the way you think, live etc. Do you write differently when in a different mood? Does happiness mean "happy" music or anger mean "angry" music? Also, knowing about composer's personality or experience through extra-musical sources, (for example Shostakovitch) , how much do you think these real life experiences shape and mold their compositional output. Could someone in suburban American write something with the same conviction as DS's 4th for example?
  13. Here's a little song that may help: (posted by robin)
  14. I would have to say the Donkey Kong series on SNES. YouTube - Donkey Kong Country 2 Music - Kannon's Klaim / Windy Valley YouTube - Donkey Kong Country - Aquatic Ambiance YouTube - Donkey Kong Country - Oil Drum Alley
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