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  1. I wrote this a few weeks ago and don't have much going on so I figure I post it I used the piano to contruct it which I don't usually do
  2. Picking a key is important. At least for me. If you feel some kind of version to C maj then stay away from it. There's probably 'more to the story' than you currently understand. I find certain things are working and at other times they aren't. Not sure why but better off going with the grain sometimes.
  3. Well I would have to ask, what is your budget like Composers in the US can work under any number of contracts It is possible to find people who will work for a lump sum and sign all exclusive rights over to you. It depends on the level of the game, generally you'll have to be upfront and find people who can work on your terms.
  4. Well, if it doesn't sound convincing minor and that's what you want Don't play it that way. I always found that the V chord never sounded like it wanted to resolve to anything. So sometimes I augment the 5th to give it that grinding sort of flavor. I mean I wouldn't let the theory dictate what's supposed to happen, probably have to come up with your own chord for that point in the piece
  5. Yes. It's that ultra dependence thing that has me worried I mean it wasn't so long ago we had to slaughter an animal for food. Now everyone wants 2.5 pounds of meat in a neat little box NOW NOWWW at their doorstep. Like even the thought of waiting is out of the question now.
  6. I love how people 'prepare' for this disease by stocking up on milk and eggs. You know things that perish within a couple days. It's like possibly being denied their fruit loops and milk on a given day will be the worst but they don't really care about starvation that much.
  7. Well I like the piece. I'm liking how the vocals create a bed for the other melodic elements. If I can offer a suggestion.. maybe try to create more space in the track through reduction.
  8. marsbars

    cake WRLD

    Hi, This is a new track, I wrote it in one day. Its essentially built off a b5b9 scale.. https://soundcloud.com/spydrmnd/cake-wrld
  9. I hate to say it but welcome to the club. Music hits us all differently. Every artist has felt at some point, his art is greater than what people perceive it as. This is part of your journey. It's as normal as getting the chicken pox as a kid. I would be worried more if you DIDNT ever feel that way. It means you aren't really pushing yourself out there enough. 😊
  10. He seems to use alot of minor / major juxtapositions Also layering in very subtle synths in the background is part of it
  11. Hey It's been awhile since I posted music on here. i've been obsessed with the electronic 'genre' as of late. so.... Here's something I hope you find interesting
  12. Tried making a kids show opening theme https://jumpshare.com/v/37KMTQA7iMuSrK7IJrqW It sounds a bit too "jazzy" i think What are some scales you would use for a playful (figure ages 5- 12) kids tv show Obviously modes like lydian would be helpful but, it has to be both innocent and a tad " mischievous"
  13. Hey, Lately i've been trying to figure out what a xylophone actually is. My dad had an array of metal bars that you would hit with mallets. We reffered to this as a xylophone, but it seems that a xylophone is wooden. So i guess that would make it a glockenspiel? More confusion: wickipedia defines a xylophone as having wooden bars, yet it shows the NBC "xylophone" (or whatever it is) as having metal ones. Anyone care to clear this up for me?
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