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  1. I write as few indications as I possibly can while still clearly conveying what it is that I want. I used to write markings all over the place, but now I'm very minimalist about it.
  2. Opposite of helpful. I'm well aware of Ferneyhough's existence, also. Thanks
  3. I never learned or figured out how to do it. As here: Is anybody really good at it and can teach mi
  4. I have yet to master the large form. More specifically, I've yet to manage a large form successfully without bending to the age-old dogma of "goal-oriented music"—that is, I haven't been able to write a long piece while staying true to my current aesthetic concern of writing strong music that is not interested in "going anywhere." It's something which requires a lot of experimentation with musical time and the handling of material in such a way that no true development is perceived in the traditional sense; very difficult. I also have significant difficulty writing for winds and brass.
  5. Lol cj you have a lot of like "what if this goes here?" type markings in yours, which I do a lot. Morgri wat kind of book is dat
  6. With some insight into your compositional process if possible.
  7. I'm cheating because Michael Finnissy was actually born in 1946, but he is my favorite living composer. As for people actually born after the deadline: Jürg Frey (b. 1953, Swiss) - with Finnissy, probably my favorite composer alive today Georg Friedrich Haas (b. 1953, German) Gérard Pesson (b. 1958, French)
  8. Hi, blog post #2. http://music-and-prittee-girls.blogspot.com/
  9. There is a considerable amount of loving-off that I would like you to do
  10. Morgri, morgri, paul. You need to gitchu to the album "Sturm und Drang" on the Fleur de Son label and listen to Kristian Bezuidenhout's recording on the fortepiano it is vicious
  11. here is a blog post. it is about mozart. specifically, it is about mozart's 8th sonata for the fortepiano. if you would like to to read it, please do. or not. that would be ok, too. http://music-and-prittee-girls.blogspot.com/2012/06/mozart.html
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