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  1. It's not about the competition but do you have any videos or audio recordings of your performing electric cello?
  2. I just seen this. Daniel practice sight reading till it becomes reflex then you'll become better reader.
  3. Chris sometimes you may want a break from music and do different things. Photography...etc other stuff but you have great knowledge of music and great composer. You know you love music even sometimes you feel like you're getting away from it and doing other stuff. I suggest to not worry about it and enjoy your break a little bit then you will turn back.
  4. I'm agree with Jason. He helped me a lot and always being helpful. I dont't know what happened in shoutbox but he is amazing guy and he shouldn't leave the YC.
  5. Jem7

    Perfomance Thread

    Also you can add me to mixing masters section. I can mix any kind of stuff.
  6. Jem7

    Perfomance Thread

    Hello guys, I need a good skilled trumpet player who can play funk/soul style and has decent recording setup. Please contact me quickly.
  7. Off axis sounds way much better because since Marshall amps has lots of treble in their character. You should try off centered miking too.
  8. Sounds ok. Little edgy too even you turned out treble almost all the way down. Try to put mic closer to grill and off from center.
  9. Jem7

    Perfomance Thread

    I'm interested and I play electric guitar :)
  10. It happens to me very rare but couple weeks ago I heard something in my dream and never heard anything like before. It was like all orchestras in the world playing same time. Its really hard to describe it. I dont even remember it anymore too. It was so divine.
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