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  1. hey i havent posted on these forums in a LONG time lol. um, i cant really remember which one i voted for, but i think it would be fun to do a trio thing or a chamber concerto. itll be cool to do w/e gets voted on though :)
  2. I think it would be pretty cool to have this month be a chamber music type thing... just a suggestion :)
  3. Mozart was the best and will always be the best composer to have ever walked this earth. Enough said. :) PS. He totally owns Beethoven in the face
  4. that sounds like a good idea. That way we can eliminate favouritisim.
  5. For me, the originality of a piece is important. However, this is a problem because in the "style" I write in, it's almost impossilbe to find an original theme. Sure, every once in a while, I'll come up with something that I could call original, but most of the time I've heard something that sounds too much like it before. I also hate using old ideas over again. I dunno, I usually think "If this theme didn't work the first time I tried it, whats the point of using it again and wasting time?" Well, there's my input on originality. :)
  6. i havent started yet. still getting my ideas down, but so far nothing solid has come out of it.
  7. OMG i HATE this when it happens to me. I could be composing a perfectly awesome piano concerto and finish it in my head during swim practice or something and then by the time i get home i've spent so much time trying to remember it, i've forgotten it. Always remember, if you forget something, don't try to remember it really hard. It'll come to you. If you continue to chase the fox, it'll just keep on running. :P
  8. That should be fine. For classical concerti, time varies. Mozart concerti can be from 4 min - 15 minutes per movement. As long as all the stuff is there (developement, themes, ect) and you think the movement is done musically, it's done. :)
  9. Does the piece have to be a certain length or longer than x number of minutes?
  10. hahahaha. no, thats not what I meant. I was just speaking in the terms of what I said before. I was just inserting "mozart" for the first font and "haydn" for the second. I didn't actually mean that you dont like listening to Mozart more than Haydn or the other way around. *breathes* ok, sorry about the misunderstanding. :innocent:
  11. Wait a minute. When you said: Symphony, I thought you meant write A symphony, not write for a full symphony orchestra. What about the classical composers here? You might want to re-think that part of it, because if I were to compete in this, I would want to use my own instrumentation. And besides, it says: "Skill must be shown in areas of: development of themes, cohesiveness, creativity, instrumentation, overall effect, and score preparation. The music will be submitted in any form, with a stress on the score, not on a sound file. " How can this be an a part of the scoring when we have our orchestra set up for us? I just think that maybe we should be allowed to have our own instrumentation for our own styles. :innocent:
  12. Look at it this way: Some people can tell the difference between when the hear Mozart and when they hear Haydn. Some of the people of the some that can tell the difference care about that difference. If Mozart was the original font and the one you showed us was Haydn, you obviously don't care enough to notice the difference between Mozart and Haydn.
  13. lol. As for me, I'm kinda a "everything needs to look proffesional" type of person. My sure, the music needs to be good, but I also want to make the score look good too! :) I dont want my scores to look like a piece of crap.... I'd much rather have them looking nice. ;) I always put the music first, though. If the music isn't good, what's the point of fixing up the score?
  14. Well, this font kinda looks like it. I have been wondering the same question for a while and when I did the search thing for it, I got Parma Typewriter NB. If you get any closer please let me know! Thanks! :happytears:
  15. OMG how could I have possibly forgotten that one??!!! Ok, that one is one of my favourites as well. ;)
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