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  1. Taking an extended break from composition. See you again soon!

  2. What training do you have as a composer Did you receive training under a secondary/tertiary teacher? A music degree specialising in composition perhaps?
  3. Read my dissertation: Unifying Elements in the Tomb Raider Trilogy game soundtracks. https://up-za.academia.edu/PieterSmal

  4. Sick! :'(

    1. António Capela

      António Capela

      Good recovery!

    2. Austenite


      Get well soon.

    3. Pieter Smal

      Pieter Smal

      Thank you! This is before a double exam this week!

  5. Bubbles!

    1. António Capela

      António Capela

      Nice to have you back!

    2. Pieter Smal

      Pieter Smal

      I've had so much to do this semester - including my first serial composition :)

  6. Largo for String Orchestra - check it out!

  7. Mu-SIEK-lik is jou eie kollegas, ja.

  8. B.Mus. VI - Composition, Theory and History

  9. I am working on an orchestral piece. Two bassoons are playing. On one staff, do I have to write the bassoons as separate voices or can I write them as one voice (like piano writing for an octave).
  10. “Hulle toer die land vol met net drie harmonieë.” - Hubert du Plessis oor amateur musikante. "They tour around the country with only three harmonies" - Hubert du Plessis about amateur musicians.

  11. Have anyone heard of Cinematic Orchestration? http://www.thinkspaceonline.com/co/index.asp I am doing Composition as a subject in B.Mus., but I want to learn more about orchestration specifically. What do you think about this course? Judging my recent compositions I have grown a LOT in composition at university. But I don't think I am skilled enough in orchestration - I rather doubt my orchestration skills.
  12. Formal trainnig (B. Mus.) is improving my musicianship and compositional skills exceedingly!
  13. B. Mus. III

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    2. Pieter Smal

      Pieter Smal

      Along with slight serialism. Heh. How are you doing?

    3. jrcramer


      made some progress too. I like to use some serial techniques within a (extended) tonal context. Recently finished a set piano preludes. Currently working on a sinfonietta (posted two movements on YC), and a cello concerto.

    4. Pieter Smal
  14. Pieter Smal


    You CANNOT perform in public with sheet music in front of you.
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