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  1. Oooh! I get your wall virginity!

    I haven't seen you in ages, giiiirl!

  2. *moved from Off Topic. You will be more likely to get a response in a music related forum for this kind of subject than the OT.
  3. *moved* Please do not post this sort of thing in the Off Topic.
  4. Awesome! Glad to hear this guy is working out! It will be great to see the new program in action :)
  5. Thank you for your applications / nominations! I will announce the staff's decision ASAP. If there are any last minute aps or nominations, PM me.
  6. Ok, cool. If there are anymore "volunteers" or applicants for a specific forum, step up! (of course, there will still only be "Reviewers", there will be no sub-classification- but I suppose if each reviewer wanted to "specialize" in an area, that would be nice... MW would still be a main priority since the job was created with MW in mind). I like this idea. When I present the nominees to the staff, I will also present this idea and see how they like it. Thanks for the ideas/support/nominations!
  7. That could work if we had enough qualified nominees (from each category)
  8. LOL yes Hillary that is rather awesome :w00t: Anyways... glad to see you guys taking interest in this! Good luck with all of your projects, Gardener. If at anytime in the future you would like to be considered for a Reviewer staff position, let me know :)
  9. Yes. Reviewers are actually supposed to be giving attention to all music forums, but emphasizing Major Works. Forgot to mention - I hope to only need to leave this thread open for a week if I can get enough nominations in that time period. Right now I am planning to close nominations (close this thread) on Monday April 13th, possibly earlier if I feel there is a good enough amount of nominations. It will take some time for the staff (mods and admins) to deliberate and decide who we would like to give the open positions to. Thanks for the great nominations so far! Keep them coming! :thumbsup:
  10. That makes perfect sense Hillary (to me anyway :P )
  11. I would like to add a few new reviewers to the staff. Reviewers are in charge of: Giving detailed reviews in Major Works. Being a part of the approval process for Major Works in accordance to the [[Major Works Guidelines]]. Moderator for the Uploads forums - read reviews by members to ensure quality, especially in Major Works. If you are interested or would like to nominate someone that has helped you greatly or you have noticed writes excellent reviews, please do so here!
  12. We can't stop them from being "kids", but we can stop them from being disrespectful.
  13. :shifty: Nico. You are my friend now and all... but my first impression of YC was based on a review of my first piece/first attempt at composition... ever - a review written by 14 year old you. After being here less than 48 hours I actually almost asked to have my account deleted because the place didn't seem "beginner friendly" and actually abusive. Luckily other people stepped in and basically kept me from quitting... one of those people being chopin. So yes, I know first hand what you were like back then ;) That right there is what we are trying to prevent :P
  14. Agree :) These rules were created on things that have actually happened / things we have had problems with / things we are currently having problems with. There was not a rule created for sharing an account with a member that is not banned or not suspended because, quite frankly, it was not thought of. Thank you for bringing it up. I will take it into consideration and make an addition to the rule. (That particular rule actually came from the original "Board Rules" - in other words, I was not the author, I merely re-worded it. I remember when it was put into play... at least two years ago.) It is much more helpful to the composer to have their piece assessed with words rather than numbers. A numerical ranking system is fine for a competition, but not so helpful when dealing with an individual that would like USEFUL commentary on their piece. Having someone say "oh 7 out of 10" is hardly helpful. I suppose it is not necessarily a "bad" thing, it is just not necessary and we simply choose to disallow it. To answer your question, a post in a forum other than Major Works containing "Good Job 7/10" would have the "7/10" part removed. In Major Works, yes - the entire post would be removed. I read another comment on this somewhere about linking to Finale or related forums. You and the other commenter bring up a good point (again, this is one of those old rules that I did not personally create :P ) I talked to chopin about it tonight and he said that perhaps we can allow links to USEFUL music related forums that are not competitors of YC (such as other composition forums) and are not presented as spam (being the topic of a thread created by a NEW member). Thank you for bringing your concerns forward. I will edit the revisions into the Code of Conduct as soon as possible.
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