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  1. You can never be too loving and kind.

    The question is not whether there exist situations, where you should not be too kind and loving.

    The real question is : What is love ?

    Now this question, I suppose,  doesn´t really have an answer, which can be formulated in words,


    it is absolutely worth knowing it, 

    Because if you know it, you can never do anything wrong.

  2. I don´t have perfect pitch. I can figure out the notes to some melodies that I hear, as long that they are not too complicated. I do think that perfect pitch helps a lot with composing. Since my degree of perfect pitch certainly helps me. I don´t compose in my head. Rather I play the piano a lot and hum a lot. And I tend to forget what I have just been playing. A little unpractical when it is something worth keeping. On the other hand I think I would go mad, if I should remember all those melodies.
  3. Hi Luis and Ilv. Luis wrote : 1. Apart from the transposition, I think all saxophones read in treble clef. This is a conventional issue I didn´t give any thought. I did not know it. 2. I wouldn't dare writing multi-phonics, OMG. This objection makes sense, since this is called a duo and not a trio. One saxophone can´t normally play 2 notes at the same time, as far as I can tell. 3. An important thing is the range, you are out of range in the bass part. I think the lowest note is an Ab (the space at the bottom y the bass clef you have). Well, this was intended to be playable by real instruments, this objection makes sense. There is a reason I chose rather low notes for the Tenor Sax. I felt that the tenor sax sounded quite bad at the higher notes. Ilv : I intended this to be about 1 minute, according to the rules of the birthday challenge.
  4. Hi Monarcheon. You wrote : "Tenor sax is a Bb-instrument." What exactly does this mean ? I felt that the Tenor sax sounded rather bad, but maybe that is because that the key signature in my piece is not Bb ? If that is the case I can just transpose it to Bb.
  5. This is my answer to the birthday challenge. My instruments were Tubular Bells and Tenor sax. I don´t think this is a especially good composition. I could give it another try but I would consider that cheating. :-) Maybe the constellation is also bad or difficult to work with. I like the sound of the Tubular Bells though. EDIT: I just realized that I accidentally put this in the wrong category. Second EDIT: I have uploaded a new version of the composition. The piece should now be playable. I find this version to be better.
  6. This is kind of funny. I have got Tubular bells and Tenor sax. The funny thing is that I am fan of Mike Oldfield and he has written an album called "Tubular Bells". I also used the instrument several times when I was young. I think the reason I chose it was because of that album. :-)
  7. Nice, Luderart ! :-) I love music, that are meant to describe something very specific. I think it is called concept music. Not to be confused with conceptual art. I appreciate your experiment and I appreciate the music.
  8. Hi Maarten >However, @aMusicComposer asks for advice or at least for our opinions, so I give him mine. >Sharing the melody in a (audio) file would clarify the question. You are right. It is a good thing to hear other people´s view on things. However the question :"Should I use the same melody twice?" if taken literal strike me as absurd. That is really not for me or someone else to decide. If the question is to be taken literal, it is really a strange question. I don´t really think we disagree here. :-) Kim
  9. This is really a strange question. Why do you want to know our opinion about this ? It is your music, not our music. As long as you don´t intend to hurt anyone with it, you can do as you please. You are really the only one, who can answer this question properly.
  10. "The beauty of music is that it can be interpreted many ways." Well said. I remember one old piece uploaded to this site, that was called "Eternal Death". I felt that piece was so creepy to listen to. I don´t know if it is still here.
  11. Hi Monarcheon I am not sure if this helps, but it is worth a try. If the problem is the time-signature, you could perhaps something like this. The lower notes of the first measure relates to the upper notes as a quarter-note relates to a quarter triplet. The lower notes of the second measure relates to the upper notes as a quarter-note relates to a quarter pentuplet.
  12. Hi Annabel I was quite moved by this. This must be a recording, rather than a computer-playback Some people can touch us with their voice. I didn´t know it was possible to touch people with their way of playing until now. Beautiful.
  13. >So I'm glad Bach was Bach, Mozart was Mozart, and Beethoven was Beethoven, rather than something they were not. Wonderfully said, Austenite.
  14. Hi Maarten If you haven´t already found it, you can probably find it using shazam.
  15. Hi Maarten You can find my composition "Water" on my profile. I have uploaded it to the site. It is not Mosaic music, but has a rather contemporary feel to it I would say. Kim
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