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  1. Hi, has anyone any experience or recommendations regarding e-book readers, or similar tools such as the ipad, for use reading full music scores, such as symphonies and operas in pdf format. I would like something that I could download and read such files, which I understand are available for free on the internet. The standard Kindle only has a 6 inch diagonal screen, which is clearly too small. The larger Kindle DX has a 9 inch diagonal screen, which is the same size as a score page in my Eulenberg minature scores, but I've read some negative reviews about its capacity with pdf scores, saying that it clifs off the bottom line of music. Any suggestions or opinions gratefully received. Regards, Trystan.
  2. Hello, does anyone know where I can buy good hardback study scores, mainly of classic operas by Mozart, Wagner etc. I've found a nice scores published by Kalmus of New York, full size hardback, in the library, but looking at their website it seems they don't make study scores any more, only conductors scores, which are too expensive. I've also seen the Eulenberg minature scores- these are nice, but some of them are paperback, which is no good for me as they don't lie open, and I would prefer full size books. So does anywhere publish such scores. Thanks, Tristan.
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