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  1. Magna: I did send her a message, after reading through her posts...she seemed very nice

    No reply to it, and no posts yet :/

  2. i think 4'33'' is just famous cus nobody else thought of it before, and it makes you go "hmmmmmm". when somethings different, it gets famous quickly. and wow, this thread is.....wild. O_O
  3. Ambiguous Era? O_O i dont think it really matters, since names like "Classical Era" are not exactly that creative.
  4. I'm surprised by how many ppl chose Romantic Era. like Mael said, in the shoutbox and stuff, it doesnt seem like there are many ppl who prefer the Romantic Era. but maybe im just too unobservant.
  5. finally someone mentions the piano concerto no 20! :D but Eine Kleine.....O_O
  6. Unfinished sonata in C major by Schubert. second theme. its not too famous, and its pretty simple. but its sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful.
  7. i think he would probably be forced to go to school and carry on a normal kid life like everyone else.
  8. chill AA. mael said its HIS OPINION. if you think hes wrong, thats your opinion. now, be happy will ya? :)
  9. i think you shouldn't put form at the very last. O_O
  10. i was offended when one of my friends called my music "fat". :angry:
  11. chodelkovzart


    dont forget to tune. its one of the biggest problems with flute players. and play until the tone sounds good to you. roll the flute in and out, adjust your air streams, try different things, until it works. thats as much as i can help you with....:mellow:
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