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  1. thank you all for your replies i have changed the title finally;) sorry for that!
  2. thank you all for your replies i.m in a long trip and i could nt access the internet for 2 weeks i have read all your replies thank you very very much soon ill post my first work i hope that someone .d see it and give me his opinion thanks
  3. thank you all for your replies i'm most thankfull:)
  4. all the things you are thank you for your comment. to meet those really hard to find professionals and even get in touch with them here in syria is just hard if not impossible and if they don't don't know you they just try to put you down But i'll try to find such a person and maybe if i could write something i'd post it here and maybe one of the professional composers here on the forum would tell me how he think.:thumbsup: thanks:)
  5. First let me thank you profusely all for your fast replies ELS you have said :Whether or not you can compose well has a lot to do with your exposure to the classics Recently i'm trying my best to hear as much classical music i can. and you have said:So, if your school has an AP Music Theory course here in syira it's really hard to find formal music-composing teachers JonSlaughter you are the only one who have said that age and desire replace talent and you have emphasize over intelligence and passion and that i have Justin Tokke thank you for taking the time to write this long yet insightfull comment knowledge i don't have it i'll try my best to have it hard work bring it on! passion yes i have that to extrem level and all of you have talked about talent and creativity i don't know if i have them and allways have supposed that i don't have them(actually the whole univers convince you so) and thus my following question how do i know that i have talent or creatvity and i have never recievd a formal music teaching? and thank you very much
  6. Hello all i play the classical guitar for two years now.the classical guitar musis opend my eyes to great world of classical music and i have decided to start learning music composing. in one month i'm going to have my first harmony text book by walter pistion(the most recommended). (and the Edward Aldwell, Carl Schachter book on harmony and maybe Schoenberg's)(and i'm ready to read a thousand book if that what it takes) my question is the ability to compose is it in born? or can'it be developed? or in another way is it a talent either you have or not. or is it like what j.s.Bach have said "I have had to work hard; anyone who works just as hard will get just as far":w00t: sometimes i can come out with a beautiful melody line but i realy don't know what to do with to turn it into a piece pepole how have heard me saying that i want to learn composing act like they have heard..i want to go to mars! :angry: Any Help ?thank you
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