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  1. Ignoring any kind of non-classical music, and in no particular order: 1. Webern - Concerto, Op. 24 2. Stockhausen - Klavierstuck XI 3. Scelsi - Quattro Pezzi 4. Barber - Piano Sonata 5. Riley - In C 6. Cage - Freeman Etudes (any of them) 7. Carter - String Quartet No. 2 8. Debussy - La Mer 9. Berio - Sinfonia 10. Shostakovich - Symphony No. 5 Darn it, I need an 11th: 11. Corigliano - Symphony No. 1 And if I had a 12th: 12. Messiaen - Turangalila Symphony And I still don't have any Varese. :( I need at least 50 or so...
  2. Really? Europe? Hmmm...I really doubt it's more popular than rock there. Just look at how popular Radiohead, Phoenix, and Rammstein are, just as a few examples from different countries.
  3. Xenakis - Keqrops (beginning) Many works by the Italian composer Giacinto Scelsi are really creepy.
  4. Not to mention that huge sea of classical composers like Hummel, Clementi, Sammartini, Reicha, the Stamitzes, Hoffmeister, and many, many others.
  5. ^But, regarding orchestration, Edgard Varese, for example, used drums and electronic effects frequently, and plenty of composers used guitars! Some undoubtedly classical composers even used electric guitars! Now, some may not consider Varese strictly classical, but it certainly fits under art music. There's an exception to every rule, sometimes to the point at which the rules don't matter (considering that now many classical composers use electronics). I would argue, as would many others, that classical or art music (more generally) is arbitrarily distinguished from popular music as a matter of convenience. In general, what we call classical music has...well, many of the traits listed above!
  6. Obviously you've never played a string instrument...:P
  7. More assorted favorites, in no particular order: YouTube - The White Stripes - Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground
  8. ^Take Me Out? Really? I can't and shouldn't criticize you for that, but you ought to just naturally feel guilty...
  9. ^Meaning pop like "popular", not pop like Britney/Miley-style (which really isn't a real style either since Britney and Miley are quite different...). Contemporary dance music doesn't fit in the rather restrictive category of art music, in a practical sense.
  10. One song I'm not allowed to like (I have a reputation to maintain!) but I can't get out of my mind is Vanilla Puff by Nan Quan Mama. Haven't found a good youtube recording yet. Other songs I like: YouTube - The Pixies : Where Is My Mind (1988) YouTube - Nirvana - Polly YouTube - Beck - E-Pro: Revised Audio Again Version, Closed Captioned YouTube - TV On The Radio - Wolf Like Me YouTube - Belle & Sebastian -If You're Feeling Sinister- The Oren Lavie song on page 19 and to conclude, my current absolute favorites: YouTube - Modest Mouse - Interstate 8
  11. A String Around Autumn by Toru Takemitsu Variations on a Chord by Alfred Schnittke
  12. Wait. The Adagio for Strings was arranged from Barber's String Quartet, which was composed in 1936, when Barber was 26. The arrangement was done two years later. I'm pretty sure he was at least in his twenties when he wrote the second movement of his string quartet, the adagio, especially considering that it's his Op. 11, and his Op. 6, the cello sonata, was composed while he was a young man at Curtis in his twenties. Sorry, I'm done. :D
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