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  1. Well said, and thanks for stopping by our humble abode.
  2. Yeah, take any down tempo drum loop, process it with some filters, and you've essentially got that sound. No need for fancy loop libraries.
    1. Max Castillo

      Max Castillo

      I feel blessed by the gods to have met Epic Sax Guy in real life.

    2. Max Castillo

      Max Castillo

      I feel blessed by the gods to have met Epic Sax Guy in real life.

  3. slower shoutbox is slower

  4. Heckel, watch Donny Darko, the Easter Bunny DEFINITELY exists

  5. Wow, I didn't know it was that easy! I must be doing things wrong.
  6. It's also sometimes possible to isolate the dialogue and sound effects from the surround mix. Then you can clean up any extra music that might bleed over so that you practically have video + Dx and Fx, but no music. I used to do this back in the day for practice, though it's quite time consuming and difficult, (but not impossible), to do well. Movies without music are usually paced so as to not be conducive to scoring, ESPECIALLY if they have dialogue.
  7. There's a lot of misinformation spread around, so read this: http://www.copyright.gov/help/faq/ The end-all be-all to copyright.
  8. You can always foley your own sounds as well. Then just take the wave files you create and program them into a Kontakt instrument. Boom! Custom samples.
  9. I always thought Berlioz was a pretty decent guitarist. I could just be confused.
  10. A couple little things to add: Don't forget to mention how many clicks you'll be taking before the first downbeat. It's usually 4 for slow tempos, with a downbeat on bar two, and 8 free for bar three on 90% of tempos. Also, timecode above the bar isn't really practical as it'll take too long to read on the stage. Not to mention that with streamers on the playback you won't need it. Streamers are much more accurate and easier to sync to than trying to line up a hit on 01:23:45:14 while conducting a fast passage at 150. Booth scores, in my experience have always been 8.5x14 (legal size), for the onlookers, and tabloid for the orchestrators. We had a tempo marking on Cats and Dogs 2 that was "Molto Espionagioso." hehehe
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