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  1. Composers steal... not borrow. ;) Basically.
  2. You guys are making this thread unfunny.
  3. hemiola, gigue (especially when pronounced gig-ooo
  4. I lul'd. Speaking of f hole. I play guitar, and I hear G string constantly.
  5. Man, I hear ya. The rhythm/melodic dictation is kicking my donkey. The entering function is pretty difficult. I usually end up recording it with sound recorder and getting out the guitar to make sure I don't have to do more than 8.
  6. I've been trying to practice this as I'm using MacGamut (if anyone's heard) in Ear Training class. I try to write dots below the staff and put a metronome on and connect them. Say I would put 2 eighth notes dots for each beat for 2/4. And it was quarter - eight - eight. I would connect the first two and leave the other two alone. (I doubt that makes any sense). I like SYS65's advice.
  7. "And 'craziness' should hardly be the goal in music. " "I desagree with you that 'craziness' should be the goal in music cause the music has many other goals to achive, I think craziness is only to make an impression to audiance. " I haven't done anything especially crazy. Though I don't think crazy is the "right" word. Maybe uncommon?
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