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  1. Steven Laitz, The Complete Musician 4th edition (and only the 4th edition)
  2. Wow I wish the whole world was just an extension of my personal experience where everything is so simple and anybody with this sort of problem is just too stupid or scared to see and enact the solution like it is for this guy
  3. They might've rounded it; he probably really died at 13 minutes to midnight. Or else we're meant to take away the 2 rattles from the 15 minutes. Or something else 13
  4. If you can't understand this, you should consider investing in a book and/or lessons.
  5. "I never heard of any of those "artists" before." Sounds like a thirty grand education to me
  6. You're probably looking for something like this. However, there are several issues with the score (it should be written in common time, the dynamics are unbalanced between the two instruments, there's no bowing in the violin) and, judging by the style you seem to be going for, there are also problems with the harmony: top and bottom lines are in octaves the whole time (making the thing sound essentially one-dimensional), no proper bass support for the harmony in mm. 4–5 (viio is weak in a context like this; it should be viio6), the cadential gesture in mm. 11–12 is not supported by a cadential bass (which I've changed, above; having F there gives octaves with the violin btw), and the gesture you've begun in mm. 14–15 makes no 'sense' (14 doesn't outline a harmony, in this style). ycEWGsuggestedchords.WAV
  7. To remind players to continue staccato, marcato, leggiero, or whatever, use 'simile'. For tempo, use 'l'istesso tempo'.
  8. "Yeah: what? And also: can I get my tuition money back please?"
  9. Sounds a bit like Humpty-Dumptyism. Postmodernism gone wild.
  10. Is that always significant, do you think?
  11. "Blue M&M, red M&M... they all wind up the same color in the end."
  12. While it would be possible to give a superficial answer to your question (e.g., tonic and dominant chords are the chords built on the first and fifth degrees of the scale; in C major, which is CDEFGABC, they are C and G) as well as unsystematic and therefore near-useless information (these chords are primarily used in cadences, with V followed by I constituting a full cadence which completely closes a unit, and a stop on V constituting a half cadence which leaves a unit open for continuation), you need to invest some time (and maybe money) in a good book and/or teacher for the concepts to be of any use. I think when you were asked "How can you compose without knowing that?", this wasn't referring to a specific piece of information, but to the fact that an unfamiliarity with these concepts implies a complete unfamiliarity with the system of tonality, and theory of composition, which rests on them.
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