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  1. So, you DID get around to making this! :D
  2. Sorry everyone. I tend to do things on impulse like that. I was in a bad mood. I suppose hate is a strong word, although I think that the minimalism that I have heard is quite cheesy. Do you like my picture? :w00t:
  3. Composer283


    Personally, I love Schubert. He's one of my favorite composers. The Impromptus are brilliant and well thought out pieces of music. Symphony no. 8 (the best :w00t:) is one of the most enticing, attractive, and evocative pieces ever written. So, yeah.
  4. Hello, I hate minimalism. How do you feel about it?
  5. Here's the list: Rock music (except for a very small group of songs and even then I don't like it much.) Pop music Rap music Techno music Chopin Ballades Chopin Polonaise-Fantaisie (insufferable!) Chopin "Raindrop" Prelude Chopin Prelude no. 2 Mozart Sinfonia Concertante Mozart Symphonies (except no. 25) Mozart Piano Concertos (kind of dull) Most Jazz (exception is Gershwin, but even so, I'm a classical) Most Mendelssohn Need I go on?
  6. What is your favorite musical form to write in?
  7. I have noticed that nobody listens to or performs Czerny except for the School of Velocity and the other Etudes. Kind of sad since he composed 861 Opus numbers (skipping a few along the way, so it probably comes to like 500 but anyway...) Is it me or has Czerny been forgotten?
  8. How many people here have the condition synesthesia? It's when you associate numbers, letters and especially (among us) musical keys. I have it in those three categories. Numbers: 1- colorless 2- red 3- yellow 4- green 5- magenta 6- purplish 7- yellow 8- black 9- varies 10- orange-yellow Letters (first 10) A- blue B- varies C- white D- orange E- yellow F- orange G- light orange H- light green I- white J- magenta Keys- C major- white A minor- blue G major- orange E minor- yellow D major- pastoral green B minor- blackish brown A major- blue F sharp minor- red-orange E major (my favorite!) - yellow C sharp minor- black or white B major- colorless G sharp minor- reddish orange G flat major- light orange E flat minor- luminous yellow D flat major- brown B flat minor- sometimes grey, sometimes colorless A flat major- blue F minor- orange E flat major- dandelion C minor- black, or white or colorless B flat major- grey G minor- orange F major- orange D minor- brown Kind of interesting hmm.... I find it fascinating to know what colors other people associate with those (especially musically)
  9. Do you start a lot of projects and not finish them? I know I do. I have these ideas that I'm excited about in the moment but then lose interest soon afterwards. Any thoughts?
  10. I'm not entirley sure what you mean. Please elaborate.
  11. Hi this is a poll to see what instruments the members of YC play. Thought it might be interesting!
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