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    I am a composition and music education double major at Georgia Southern University. I am a composer is the self-publishing consortium, BPM Music, where we mostly promote concert band literature. I also guest conduct on a regular basis.
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    Berlioz, Josquin Deprez, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Debussy
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    Trumpet, euphonium, trombone

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  1. I write music as a way to communicate. I write music as a way to preserve memories onto paper. I write music to evoke emotions. I write music because it's pure.
  2. I got a new composition teacher in college because my old one retired. I write very melodic based stuff - very catchy melodies that make people whistle it later on, and that's what I like to do. My new teacher says everything I write is "too based on pitch". Does anyone have any advice on how to handle this situation?
  3. I don't usually really plan. If I try to write a piece a certain way, I struggle. I just write as ideas come to me. Usually I can work with just a few motifs and make a piece out of that.
  4. I'm nearing completion on mine; just needs some fine-tuning.
  5. I think I'd like to give this a try. You say it is acceptable to use a theme already written? Does the instrumentation matter?
  6. Hello, I would also like to apply for the position of Reviewer. Although I have only been composing a little over a year, I am learning, and I think being a reviewer would help me learn from others in addition to (hopefully) others learning from my advice. Soon I will be attending college as a composition major, so hopefully I can learn techniques from reviewing different pieces as well as share techniques with others that I learn on my musical journey. My top forum of choice would be Concert/Marching Band. That's what I write 95% of my music for. I've composed pieces played by college and high school concert bands, and I've arranged a few DCI show tunes into Marching Band instrumentation by ear. I play both high and low brass instruments, and I have great expertise on what brass players can handle. I also ask around a lot, and I'm pretty educated on woodwind techniques as well. For that reason, my second forum of choice would be Chamber Music, especially for brass and woodwind uploads. My last choice would be Incomplete works. I sometimes help my friends get through "writer's block" with different suggestions, so this would probably be the best choice. Once I get into college, Choral and Vocal could be an option as my Composition teacher is a choral writer. Thanks for reading!
  7. Sorry if this sounds stupid, but what is considered an "electronic element"?
  8. I'd really like to learn Violin. I play trumpet and euphonium currently, and I've tried my hand at guitar and sax. Violin, piano and guitar are probably my top three instruments that I would like to learn.
  9. I usually can't get any good ideas if I just sit an try to write. My best ideas come to me when I just play around on the piano usually. Sometimes melodies hit me during the school day, during lunch, etc. I remember those melodies, and then I come home and start the piece.
  10. Sorry about that, I thought the initial deadline was this weekend. I have the piece written, but not recorded. Will definitely be done by the new deadline. Was planning on recording tonight. Probably will anyway.
  11. An update on my entry - It's beginning to come along nicely. It's going to be a solo for euphonium.
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