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    Matthew Whiteside is in his final year of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland studying a Masters in Composition with Alistair MacDonald and David Fennessy with previous teachers including Prof. Piers Hellawell and Dr Gareth Williams. He is a founding member of Edit-Point and Said Ensemble, both Glasgow based new music ensembles.

    Matthew’s interest lies in the combination of acoustic and electronic domains both through using live electronics and electronic influences in his work. When using electronics he is careful to give them a distinct personality in order for it to be an integral part of the ensemble.

    He has had performances of his music throughout the UK, Ireland and Italy with notable performances being Dublin’s Nation Concert Hall, Glasgow City Halls and as part of Sonorities Festival in Belfast.

    Matthew extends his thanks to the RSAMD/RCS trust and May Turtle scholarship for funding his Masters education.
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  1. Theres also http://www.scottishmusiccentre.com/competitions/ and http://www.muziekcentrumnederland.nl/en/contemporary/internationaleconcoursen/composition-competitions/ You could also just google 'call for scores'. I did that the other night and there are piles of ensembles around the world with open calls going, I think there was about 5 choral ones I came across.
  2. I'm trying to find out more information on the same stuff. The best I've found so far is Messiaen's contemplations of covenant and incarnation mysucal symbold of faithin the two great piano cycles of the 1940s by Siglund Bruhn. In the back of that there are some of the deci-talas. Is desi-tala another spelling of the same thing?
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