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  1. @Quinn @Ken320 So I am downloading High Sierra for my MAC now. Let's see how all these wonderful plugins work!!!!
  2. YES!!! This is MUCH MUCH better! BRAVO!
  3. Agreed. Take a look at the Bach Partitas and his Cello Suites to get some ideas of writing for unaccompanied instruments.
  4. I agree with @jawoodruff. This is usually learned in composition lessons. The one on one study is really to learning this craft. Quincy Jones is the greatest producer of alltime; he took lessons 🙂
  5. I'm loving it so far!!! I must say at first listening. The ending measures (131) arenice. You could repeat it to give some closure. Add some diminution maybe to make it more dramatic. Even at 65, bring make you M7 P5 motif. Maybe play with some seconds so the interval wont be as big. My $0.02. bravo! P.S. Your melody is the same as my "Pearl" motif in my novical "A Tale of Two Fools" It appears at 0:40
  6. Nice. Your beaming needs to be fixed ASAP. Also, the score needs to be fixed; the Clarinet would be in C if it's an "A" Clarinet
  7. All of this but add the 16th rest in front just for clarity. Great typesetting!
  8. This piece, although written in 3, is actually in 6. Your drums tell us that. Around 1:12, add a counter melody to change things up! nice work.
  9. it's easier for us to critique if you upload the score and mp3 here
  10. Hey boss, put your name on ALL OF YOUR WORKS!!!!!! With that being said, I think you can add more. You can develop your motives even further. I like where this is headed!
  11. all of this. The organ was a great touch. Would love to hear more
  12. You wont scare them depending on how you do it. It's quite normal to do so
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