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    I'll support!!!!!!
  2. [Open discussion] Young Composers Magazine

    Sounds AWESOME!
  3. Who has Perfect Pitch? Does it help you?

    My pitch isn't acute but you're not going to play an "E" and tell me it's Ab. No sir. It helps becasue I can write my music without a keyboard but I can't necessarily hear clusters. I can hear chord changes when I'm soloing.
  4. Introspection #1

    Upon hearing the first note, I said to myself, "not another piece in C minor." Then after listening more, I said, this has a lot to offer. My biggest gripe it the lack of counterpoint and it ends too soon. Develop this some more. With what you have, this piece could be at least 5 minutes longer.
  5. Elegy, for chamber orchestra

    I must say @Ken320 I loved the jazz chords. Three things: score needs rehearsal numbers. 2)some parts I believe should have more counterpoint. I get why you didn't but let the hopeless romantic have a conversation. 3)no trombone!?!? grrrrrrr
  6. Commercial #1

    WHAT!!?!?!?! (*user runs to hope he doesn't need glasses!!! @Monarcheon!)
  7. Walking on Stars

    I was going to say some things; however, @Monarcheon and @Gustav Johnson already said it. This is still a good start but with the aforementioned advice, it'll get better!
  8. Symphony No.1 in C minor

    Reupload your midi as a mp3
  9. Op105 Symphonic Overture

    this piece is catchy. That's a great thing. My biggest gripe is where is the counterpoint in the first two minutes? You have these beautiful melodic lines but no support for it. Meas. 15: If you are going to consider that a counterpoint, mp is not going to cut for the piccolo and flute. That range is NOT going to project over the orchestra. Just a few thoughts
  10. Op104 Symphonic Overture

    ^^^^every word he said!
  11. [FINISHED] Saxophone Quartet No.3

    job well done!
  12. Commercial #1

    When you go from 12/8 to 4/4 you HAVE to notate if it's dotted quarter = quarter note or eighth note = eighth note. Never assume that. Other than that, great piece for the commerical
  13. 1) NEVER post a composition and not put your name on it 2) You have enough melody here to make something great. Remember, be economical!
  14. Symphony No. 1 in A minor, Op. 41 - Dublin

    Mr. Destro, Just looking at the score, you have a respect for clarity of typesetting. It is awesome to see someone take the time to make the score look great. KUDOS Additionally, you know how to write a great melody and see economy! I must be critical and say I don't see counterpoint or strong counter-melodies. For example, measure 13-23 is CRYING for counterpoint. At 108 when you go classical Beethoven on us (well done by the way), it seems like it just missing that EXTRA voice. Another critique is that your harmonic language seems contained. Not bad, but perhaps extending the chords to give this composition more depth may fix this. Musically Yours, Maestrowick