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    Glenn Simonelli began studying piano at age 6. He studied music composition at Indiana University. Mr. Simonelli has written many pieces for choruses and ensembles. He has had choral works performed by the Potsdam Childrens’ Chorus in upstate New York and by Corabna Frula, a youth choir in Zagreb, Croatia. His jazz compositions have been performed by student ensembles in Potsdam, NY, and in Bloomington, IN. He is married with three adult children and currently lives in Ossining, NY.

    Samples of his musical compositions can be heard at http://feltemp.com/Songs.html.
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    Ossining, NY
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    Elementary Science/Engineering Teacher
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    Music Composition, Ancient Numismatics, Hiking
  • Favorite Composers
    Chopin, Liszt, Robert Fripp
  • My Compositional Styles
    Mostly jazz and pop, with classical influences when I'm trying to impress someone.
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    Sibelius 7, Reaper
  • Instruments Played
    Piano, guitar, french horn, tenor sax, recorder

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  1. Glenn Simonelli

    Sibelius 8?

    Thanks for he tip. I just checked it out. Looks interesting. At $129, the price seems very reasonable if it improves my horn and string sounds. My composing computer isn't connected to the internet, so I've written to technical support to see if I can download the software to an external hard drive and then upload it from there. I know the 30 day free trail needs an internet connection, but I'm hoping that if I purchase it outright it will work without being connected.
  2. Glenn Simonelli

    You And I

    Thank you for responding to my questions. I appreciate your advice, and someday I will look into booking a professional orchestra. I have to admit that I'm a little jealous that you can do this professionally, but the piece clearly shows your talents, so it's no surprise. Is this piece going to appear in a movie or video production soon? If so, I have two more questions. 1) What guidelines were you given; were you shown any part of the production or video clips before you started composing? 2) How long did it take from first receiving the assignment to completing the recording?
  3. You might check out Pro Tools. It's designed to work with Sibelius, which you already own.
  4. Glenn Simonelli

    Sibelius 8?

    I use Sibelius 7. I noticed that there's a new version 8. Have any Sibelius 7 users upgraded to 8? Are you pleased with the upgrade? I'm satisfied with Sibelius 7 for composing. My only reason for wanting to upgrade is to get better sounds when I render the songs. In particular, I'd like to get more realistic-sounding strings and better solo trumpets and trombones (although brass sections as a whole seem okay). Also, the piano on Sibelius 7 sounds a little bit muddy to my ears. Does version 8 offer any improvements in these areas?
  5. Glenn Simonelli

    Tip Toe Through the Night

    Thanks for the information. I'm not familiar with MixCraft 8. I'll have to look into it.
  6. Glenn Simonelli

    Colaborative playlist to share our work

    How do we add a video to this list? I have one I'd like to add:
  7. Glenn Simonelli

    Earning an income as a composer

    One more piece of advice: Dedicate half your working time to composing, the other half to self-promotion. Sorry if this sounds cynical, but that's the way things are--you have to get people to hear your music.
  8. Glenn Simonelli

    Self Publishing Advice for Amateur Composer

    Bandcamp probably pays the best royalties for recordings, Really Good Music for scores. Of course, the problem with these or any other sites is getting your music heard when you're competing with thousands of other composers for listeners' ears. Like you, I've also put videos of my music on Youtube, some of which have been viewed by literally dozens of people around the world. Hope to break 100 someday . . . Anyway, good luck with your piano pieces. Hope you can get some takers.
  9. Glenn Simonelli

    The Prodigy

    What software did you use to compose and realize this? I'm curious how you got the doits and rising hits in, for example, bar 56.
  10. Glenn Simonelli

    You And I

    Okay, how did you get this performed by a live orchestra? Did you hire them, or are you a student in a music school? Was this just a reading? If so, it's even more impressive. When I write for orchestra (using Sibelius), I get to listen to the piece over and over as I compose, so that I can be sure that every note is correct. But that still doesn't mean that it will sound good with an actual orchestra. The balance can be off, some instruments may be in an uncomfortable range and sound strident, I may have chosen bad articulations, etc., etc.; the possibilities for being disappointed are boundless. I don't hear any of those problems here. Everything sounds very professional. So this brings up my last two questions. Is this recording the first time you heard it performed, or did you get a reading, make some adjustments, and then have it played again? How close is this recording to what you heard in your head as you composed it? Sorry to be pummeling you with these questions, but I don't have access to a orchestra, and I'm really curious about these issues.
  11. Glenn Simonelli

    Tip Toe Through the Night

    What software did you use to compose/record this?
  12. Glenn Simonelli

    Never In A Million Years

    I was able to listen to the song by just clicking "Play." I didn't have to download anything. Nice song. You have some nice chord changes in places. Yes, the end reminds me of "Hello, Goodbye." And the beginning reminds me of "Fool on the Hill."
  13. Glenn Simonelli

    How To Upload?

    I've been away for a while because I've been consumed by a project. I've finished my second symphony and would like to upload the score and/or mp3 to get some feedback. How do I go about uploading my symphony to the "Major Works"? Glenn SimonelliI) Vivace (Ragtime).pdfII) - Andante (Longing).pdfIII) Adagio-Allegretto (Grace).pdfI) Vivace (Ragtime).mp3II) Andante (Longing).mp3III) Adagio-Allegretto (Grace).mp3
  14. Glenn Simonelli

    Sibelius 7

    Do you mean anything in particular by this beyond the minimum listed requirements? It turns out that I need to buy a new computer, so now would be the time to make sure I have whatever I need. I write a lot for orchestra and large ensembles, and it often takes a loooooong time to load all the instruments. I'm thinking about getting two hard drives and loading the sound library onto the second hard drive to hopefully speed this process up a little. Is it possible to do this with Sibelius 7. I haven't tried this with Sibelius 6 because I didn't have a second hard drive on my old computer, (the one with the recently fried motherboard).
  15. Glenn Simonelli

    Sibelius 7

    According to the Sibelius web site, one of the main improvements in Version 7 is the sound quality of the instrument samples. Yet the music samples that are posted on the Version 7 web page don't strike me as noticeably better than what I was getting with Version 6. One of my goals for this year is to create better-sounding mock-ups of my compositions. Has anyone had an opportunity to compare the quality of the instrument sounds of Versions 6 & 7? Does Version 7 sound better enough to justify the upgrade?