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  1. Kvothe

    Piano Concerto No. in F, "Short"

    A good start, overall.
  2. Kvothe

    Main theme for a fantasy film

    Oh my gosh! This is an epic piece for fantasy film, indeed. There's so much I could delve into, here. But I will just this: it has a lot of potential. I really love it.
  3. I was wondering how to write added values in one measure. For example: If the rythmn in 3/ 4 was 8th 8th quarter 8th 8th. Instead I want to write as 8th, 8h, qurater, 8th 16th, 8th. (in the same meter) how would do that?
  4. Kvothe

    Solo instiruments

    Apply the process to change Flute to Piccolo. To add mid-score instrument changes Click the Selection tool . Select the region of the staff that will include the instrument change. Or, to define an instrument change until the end of the piece, select a single measure. See Selecting music. If the selection includes more than one Instrument, Finale will disregard all but the top Instrument. Choose Utilities > Change Instrument. The Change Instrument dialog box appears. If the top staff of your selection is a single-staff Instrument, you will see a list of single-staff Instruments to choose from. If the top staff of your selection is any staff of a multiple-staff Instrument, you will see a list of multiple-staff instruments (piano, harpsichord, etc.). See Change Instrument dialog box. Choose the new instrument from the list and click OK. Finale adds the Instrument change, and also adds a change back to the original Instrument in the measure after the selected region.
  5. Kvothe

    Solo instiruments

    Actually, I just figured this out.
  6. Kvothe

    Solo instiruments

    Monarcheron, I am. It works with out the VST but the VST not so much
  7. Hey guys: I am trying to figure out how to tell Finale how to play a Solo Vilion with in a vilon section. How would I do that?
  8. Kvothe

    Is Serialism Dead?

    Why would it be? Was Classicism dead in the 20th century. No. Why? Because modern composers looked backed at the style and adapted it in their works. John Williams writes in highly romantic fashion.
  9. The image is from prelude of Wagner's Opera: "Tristian and Isonde"
  10. Hi everyone. I have finale 2012, and I was wondering if there was a way to create cross staff tremolos.
  11. Is there a way to create a cross staff tremolo in finale 2012?
  12. Kvothe

    Moonlight by the riverside

    I am not sure about this...
  13. Kvothe

    Emma Overture, Op. 31

    Austine, Tonally tough? Non sense. They can handle it.
  14. Kvothe

    Emma Overture, Op. 31

    The ending definately had a Stravinsky feel to it. Was "The Fire bird" a major influence?