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Status Updates posted by Kvothe

  1. Time to start to devolp a musical style

  2. The pictures at exbhition will be of the many influences for my first piano suite.

  3. The pictures at exbhition will be of the many influences for my first piano suite.

  4. Goals for the new year: 1) compose music 2) write sweet articles and 3) create a swavy webstite

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    2. Kvothe


      You know I do not speak Spanish!

    3. Sarastro


      But I did not know you don't speak Italian ;-)

    4. Kvothe


      At any given moment,I may or may not speak monkey.

  5. Now has finale 2012

    1. ChristianPerrotta
    2. Kvothe


      To early to know yet...

  6. !812 overture vs Rome and Juliet vs The PLanetes

    1. TJS


      You can't beat alien technology, the History Channel taught me so.

  7. is impressed with the entries he is reviewing

  8. Strange questions for the wrong person....

  9. Try to make peace, and it fails. :longface:

  10. Asks for his blue staus back please. I want to be a reviewer again.

    1. Sarastro


      why do you want to be a reviewer? To have unlimited radio credits while being exempted from actually reviewing? ;-)

    2. Kvothe


      To review, to promote, and to teach and post mine works. Hehe!

  11. Hurricane sandy: why did you force my vacation to early end?

  12. The scores and comments are now posted for video game competition

  13. debating about sibelius 7 vs finale 2012

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    2. Kvothe


      i have used both. Allegro and Sibelius. Sibelius more than allegro, though. Thus, my decision on which is tricky move. I can tell you one thing. Finale is harder on note input than sibelius is.

    3. SYS65


      I'll end using Noteworthy like the very old times.

    4. Kvothe


      I remember that one. But I am not particular fond of it.

  14. "Images from Middle Earth" begins now!

  15. Time to write chorales before heading for the piano

  16. .....not here to answer....

  17. any suggestions for Counterpoint tomes?

  18. two judge reviews done. keep them coming, folks.

  19. My blog entries will strive above 2000 words. and they will be posted weekly

  20. Kvothe

    Do you really want to limit the powers of what members can do by a silly title? I dont.

    1. SSC


      ...???? Aahh?

  21. needs a lot pratice being a tunesmith.

  22. To clear up something: I will be reading "Theory of Harmony" first and "Structures of Harmony" second.

    1. Kvothe


      I will also be part taking the exercises he has in the texts, and be practicing my own harmonic progressions (and will be posting them here).

    2. Kvothe


      I don't remember. I never read it, myself. I heard of it, and always wanted to it.

    3. xrsbit


      How interesting. Do keep us up to date on every detail of your planned schedule.

  23. I am ahead of my schedule for this month; thus, expect a new composition to be posted by the end of the week! Hooray!

  24. working out next may schedule....what fun.

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