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  1. You posted a couple days ago asking about Sibelius users. I use Sibelius, what's up?

    1. Kvothe


      HI Gustav. Thanks for replying to my question about Sibelius.  I truly appericate it.  

      Here's my scenario:
      When using the VST, Sib 7 sound set(not GM), I want to Sibelius to regonize different sythn sounds and effects and play them back. I have tried to use the dictionary, but it seems to work when using GM sounds and not Sib 7. Therefore my question is: Does midi messages only apply to the GM sound set or is there some way they work with Sib 7 sounds, too? 

    2. Gustav Johnson

      Gustav Johnson

      I've tried things like that before and never been able to get it to work. I also don't have a lot of time to invest in that , so take my results with a grain of salt. I know for sure it's possible to import sound VST sound libraries/etc., but using effects gets trickier. I think there are ways to use external programs (like Guitar Rig) to interact with Sibelius playback, but like I said I've never used them.

      I've done a quick internet search to see if I could figure anything further out, but haven't turned anything up. Next time I have some time with Sibelius I'll take a look and see if I can find anything!

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