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  1. Thank you for your words! :happytears: I did not know the color was that faint :horrified: , i will try to deny light colors. :nod:
  2. " Is the ultimate goal of composing to become the sculptor's block, to what? " -D/D

  3. Xiangyik, i think the problem with being articulate & trying to achieve some heights in musical or intellectual en devours is the side-effect of showing off seemingly gravely immodest. I am merely trying to achieve some unique substance in musical innovation which every known prolific composer accomplished though i am not saying i am prolific. I think with every passing century it is becoming more difficult to achieve the heights of say Mozart or Beethoven due to modern psycho-physical burdens. If you were a child prodigy, why would you deny you ever where? I think my childhood was filled with all too interesting places & odd & rare achievements & circumstances not to mention a cognitive ecstasy which is probably due to the pleasure chemicals that once present in a child's neurochemistry cease to be produced into adulthood. Really xiangyik, i actually am very modest as much as i can avoid my ego from claiming complete dominance over all my neuroquadrants.LOL
  4. After this post, somehow my multi-quote was not included even though this thread is more appropriate. Thanks everybody for the support. Status: My "Infinite Opus" is at the 448TH measure, 23:12 minutes. I don't think it's something that should be hurried but whenever there is a light bulb i go to my notation processor & input the content & the rest is elaboration. One thing i have done besides the music itself is the addition of text designating entire movements as well as precise sections briefly as to what they mean or mean to me as if i was telling a story with the music but not systematically sequential as in a literature composition. Erik Satie used to include text in his works as well & it was through him & the movie Bloodsong that motivated me to do the same regarding some not all works of course. I look forward to comments of this quest ad aeternam.
  5. I've chosen the piano solo format for what i call " Infinite Opus ", free-form of course to allow maximum creativity in a sort of gigantic fantasia made up of interludes in which these interlude episodes can take on many forms such as waltz, prelude, fugue, etc. They all seem like variations not on a definitive theme but the universal theme known as music. At the same time I've kept them simple more or less galante but always practical enough to be performable acoustically by two hands. I was going to choose the quartet form but the piano solo is my expertise.
  6. Your point is noted & your insult pardoned, Nonetheless: ASLSP=The Extinction of humanity morally & molecular! Locrian, you might want to absorb the Cage & Hitler video links again with a deeper probe.......
  7. Your not my grammar teacher nor my psychologist & neither do i need. My posts are wasted on people like you because you do not listen to the most important aspect of the conversation, instead your probing literary articulations, i am well above your trivial level, your focusing on the letters while i am trying to converse an intelligent concept which shoots at your body like laser & nothing sticks. Do you have the capacity to focus on the issue with your neuro-tissue? :evil:
  8. HA ha ha aha hahahahahahahahahaaaahahhh! Yes, i meant PRODIGY! Just forgot the difference which can be said to be opposites.LOLLOL! In music, i used to make music at 4 years old by humming tunes & rhythms all the time & i would often request my favorite songs from the beatles from my uncles. But it was not until 19 years old that i received a few piano lessons. From then on i went my own way. So. Locrian, what is your opinion on the links above & their questionable content?
  9. Look LOCRIAN, I was born an adult, some call that a child prodigy. All i think it is is a fascination sometimes obssession with unconventional undertakings & unique way one looks at things thus aiding one on their quest for the master subjects. Check out Vexations by Satie or Organ2 ASLSP by John Cage on you tube & wiki, & i hope you don't agree with hitler's evaluation on you tube that John Cage's work was a grave waste of time. Here are the links:John Cage: Hitler: Satie: Cage Wiki:As Slow as Possible - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Satie Wiki:Vexations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  10. I think it's a brilliant idea not just for me but for all kompozers, i wish i would have engaged it when i was a lot younger, not shortly after recently thought of it. It was one of the fellow YC members that partially aided in the idea's exposure, naturally there was a reference to John Cage's Organ2ASLSP which can be found on you tube & wiki pedia. Cage's idea was not infinite but 693 year long composition that is being played constantly even as we breathe which won't be reach a finale until the year 2640 A.D. But mine is theoretically infinite & has or will have hundreds Or 1000's of measures as much as time will allow until my death. I hope you are serious Perotta because such an endevoir is adamant & any kompozer can learn from it in ways that one can't just know without actually engaging in it til the end. My first impression was yes, it's crazy idea but then i appreciated it's worth of benefits. Christian, if you do decide to undertake this quest, let me know of it's post-present post. :D
  11. Say you decide to call it: " Infinite Opus " , then these are the instructions: " This is a giant fantasia of interludes that is meant to be composed until the death ( daeth ) of the kompozer, thus an infinite not the infinite composition which would need to be executively-ordered as this one is merely dispersed. Wether mortal or immortal the kompozer may be, this type of composition can never be completed because like the music quest is infinite. It is a side-objective along with the rest of compositions demanded by desire or commission. It may be divided into part 1, part 2, & so on in order to remedie space or memory limitations in notation processors. Ofcourse, the sooner the kompozer undertakes this endevoir, the better. The rules are if it is chosen as a piano solo for instance the piano being the ultimate choice due to it's gigantic spectrum expressional capability other than the organ or synthesizer, then it must always stay a solo. In conclusion, a universal ending should be deviced in a seperate file so that it may be added to the work as the finale regardless of the impossible end. " -K.C.D.L.A.C. ( 09222012 ) P.S. I will be posting my 1st gigantic section ( Part1 ) in the solo keyboard quadrant once it has been completed at an unknown date. :yc:
  12. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/690/borionm.jpg/ The above link is an example of what i just wrote down regarding "The Borion Art Form". You can download it & print in black & white the simple short exersice & play it on the piano for your pleasure but mainly to prove my point. I've still to read the previous to this post by cramer. Thank You!
  13. All these are good arguments & i do not counter-argue with them, i got by answer. I now merely wish to post another question i am not sure about which was fueled by all these arguments. Can we create new art forms anymore or can we only create sub-art forms classified within the art forms already in existence? I believe i have discovered or more like merely created new art forms. Now all things considered one i call " Borion" which can be classified i guess but i could be wrong under Avant-Garde. The formula for Borion is this: Utilize visual &/or semi-visual symmetries in the visual spectrum of the white & black keyboard keys with any rhythmic pattern of your choice, say the right hand playing F,F-sharp,A-flat, & B-flat while the Left hand is playing F-sharp,A-flat,B-flat, & B. Now go to the keyboard & play these perhaps it's better to simplify it at first by arpegiation 1st left hand then right hand. Look at the keyboard playing this & you will discover a visual symmetrical logic. After that the notes further are any of your choiced inventiveness say L.H.:C,C-sharp,E-flat & R.H.: F,F-sharp,A-flat, & so on & so forth all toward the goal of visual geometry of the repeating 12-tone spectrum. I wish to post a borion on this site which is intended for performance so that i may prove my point but i got too much like 3 or 4 already in the solo section which i will post later as the others go out of sight. For the mean time i think my explanation can be sufficiently explored on the piano keyboard itself as exercises of molded into polished works. In conclusion, am i right that this borion is a new art form or a subdivisiary of Avant-Garde? :facepalm:
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=pIOjxPgTOoIThank you, i read about the "New Complexity" on Wikipedia & i agree Xenakis definitely falls in the genre. The above link ( Ligeti ) is my idea of very advanced music but more importantly it works amazingly well enough to be easily swallowed & this substance along with the complexity factor gives it ultimate merit & what i was seeking is all music arranged in a sort-of pyramidal hierarchy from simple to complex which i think exists though not illustrated by a would-be awakened mind not to mention all the thoroughly diagrammatic intricate findings that stipulate that music is always progressive regardless of style in any time frame in human history. I don't agree that music should be only complex but an evolved disciplined art form which pierces into the future with the same substantial caliber as Mozart or Bach or any prolific. I think my argument was fueled by a book about the great composers which says for instance: " In the 17th century composers perfect the art of counterpoint." or something like " In the 20th century composers experiment with aleotoric music." And these findings sort-of give one the idea that these musical discoveries were progressive & not merely stylistic. Say, a "Nonetonic Chord" that not only works, but contains a particular ultimate effectiveness in it's difficult to achieve application. :eyebrow:
  15. If music is to be considered progressive as it should be from less advanced to very complex, i offer the question to somebody on this forum & website as to what is the latest experimental musical theory today so that i may play around with it being up-to-date on the latest musical college or concervatory theoretics both in solo & orchestrated works. I may have touched on the answer to this question without being aware of it in some of my personal compositions in which i always consider innovation a top priority so that a kompozer may be dealing with the latest musical development on the planet & maybe even beyond say a comparison with a hypothetical yet presently unreachable advanced alien race. Say the latest most complex harmony being utilized like octonic chords so on & so forth. I am assuming that an octonic chord is a block composed of 8 tones. I think the answer to this question would reveal the latest musical challenge as some sort of music puzzle or brain-teaser that is very difficult to answer proposed to the brightest musical minds having extensive background from pythagoras & the pythagorians to complex contemporary musical theoretics & acquired musical laws along the way written & incorporated for the latest musical applications in entertainment. I really need an answer to this question like in the intro to this site offers the service of answering such questions by professionals, students, & amateurs. :nod:
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