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  1. I love your use of the flute's lower register. It's such a warm timbre! Wonderful little piece.
  2. Thank you for the comments! @jawoodruff The form of this piece is inspired by an experience I had. I woke up from a vivid night of dreams, but they quickly evaporated from my mind's eye. I struggled only to recall disjointed scenes that didn't seem related. Eventually, I had an ecstatic 'eureka' moment as I remembered more and those pieces formed a coherent plot. I began the piece with a small melodic fragment in the trombone that I kept repeating and elongating. It finally expressed itself as a whole with the andante section starting at measure 41. This represents me remembering an entire scene of the dream. The solo piano section at measure 79 represents a seemingly unrelated scene. These eventually come together in the final section of the piece starting at measure 137. This is the first time in the whole piece that the piano and trombone rhythmically align. This section combines rhythmic, harmonic, and melodic material from disparate earlier sections. The instruments reach parity and achieve call-and-response. Neither is in an merely accompanying role. My goals for this piece were to: -Develop a coherent work longer than 4 minutes -Develop from motifs rather than whole melodies or chord progressions -Work on breaking away from strictly tonal harmony -Explore harmonic rhythm and get away from chords always changing on downbeat -Make the instruments have a conversation rather than having the piano serve as accompaniment
  3. My favorite part of the first movement is the syncopated violin figure starting at measure 35. I also like the downward chromatic motion in the flute from around measures 27-30. In movement two I love the double stops in the cello and also the exciting bassoon lines. I liked the development of this movement. The pizzicato section of the third movement was refreshing. Great work on this piece! If I were to offer some small piece of advice, it would be to explore more timbres within each instrument. For the strings as an example, sul ponticello, flautando, spicatto, col legno, overtones, using mutes, etc. This would add color to the piece and would also make performing it more interested, especially during sections with more stagnant or sustained lines.
  4. Gorgeous harmonies that go to unexpected places. I love the dissonance in the low-mid strings at 1:29 and again at 1:40! One small critique is that I wish there were fewer voices playing the third of the final chord. It sounds a bit off balance to me.
  5. So many lovely colors, and your use of rhythm is refreshing! I feel that I could learn much about piano writing from studying this piece. Wonderful work.
  6. This is my first time writing for the trombone outside of an orchestral context. I would love feedback regarding how playable this is and whether you think trombonists would enjoy performing it. Thanks for listening!
  7. I feel like I'm stuck in a rut of composing four and eight bar phrases. When I try to break the mold and try something different, the result sounds awkward, forced, and clunky. What are some methods of composing smooth asymmetric and extended phrases? I think part of my problem is that I come to cadences at predictable times. What can I do harmonically to postpone a cadence and keep the resulting phrase sounding organic? I have a lot more questions, but I think that will do for now. Thanks guys!
  8. I plan on becoming a music composition major and will soon be sending out transfer applications for the December 1 deadline at most conservatories. I have scores to submit, but many of the schools that I want to attend require recordings of works (which I don't have!). What are some good ways to get compositions recorded, especially with only four or so months available? Some additional info: -I just finished my first year at a local community college and will be going back in the Fall. -I already have completed Music Theory I-IV (tested out of I-II), Ear Training I-II, Music Composition I, Honors Choir (I rehearsed the chamber choir for several weeks and conducted a piece at our spring concert), Applied Piano I-II, and will be taking more music classes in the Fall. -Ideally, I want to transfer to USC in the Fall of 2013 after completing my second year of community college with the goal of eventually going into film scoring. I have a number of potential "safety-schools", however. I'm well-rounded musically. I have plenty of theory and ear-training under my belt, got a I rating at State Solo Contest for voice in high school, have attended a music composition camp, am familiar with classical, jazz, and rock harmonic idioms, and have been composing for years. It would be frustrating to have come this far and not make it as a composition major because I don't have live recordings of my music. I do have MIDI Mockups using quality sample libraries, (East-West Symphonic Orchestra) but many colleges want real recordings. I could probably put $300 toward recording but that's it, and I don't even know where to start finding good performers. My other frustration is that these conservatories seem to want compositions in a variety of orchestrations. I can find a pianist, but am I expected to submit a recording of a full-orchestral or even chamber piece? Would it lesson my chances if I just submitted solo pieces or something like piano/violin? Any advice would be very appreciated.
  9. Actually, I composed this entirely at the computer. I just kind of...Wrote it by ear. :) I almost never compose at the piano. I'll try to edit the things you pointed out and maybe repost it later. I think I might just take it to the piano and edit the right hand a little if that would be better. I think I'll try to change the last chord and extend it too. Thanks for the advice, I'll try writing entirely at the piano next time. My playing skill is not very good and that has driven me from the piano, but practice makes perfect I suppose. I'll work on a more original left hand too. :D
  10. I wrote a short song this morning and I wanted to know if this is any good. I tried to be a bit more, uh...Formatic (Is that a word) in this one. Please tell me what you think. :) Also, if anyone can think of a better title, please let me know. Memories.MUS
  11. Yes, I think I'll do something like that. Maybe some slow strings in the Bass would work... Thank you very much. :D I'm glad to see I am getting slightly better. :D
  12. Well, I have a bit of writers block right now, but I was attempting another piece and I want to know if this sounds any better than the last so far. Forgive me for the rough transition between the piano and the strings, I'm trying to figure out how I can make it more smooth... Anyway, here is what I have so far. It isn't completed though. (I know, I'm not the best with naming songs. :D) Sad_Theme.mid
  13. Thank you, this is the kind of site I was hoping to find! It looks very informative so far, I'll start reading. Thanks again. :happy:
  14. I really need to learn some more theory. O_o... Thank you, I will try to take that into account. In that little section I posted, I was just trying to see if I got the actuall instrumentation down alright. (I've hardly tried composing outside of piano) Or better yet as you put it, the "timbre". :happy: I'll have to look into my theory book to better wrap my mind around what you said with the chord groupings and cadences, but I think I understand for the most part. (By the way, that wasn't the actuall song or even a melody for that matter, it was only the intro of the song, I just haven't written past there and wanted to know if I had the okay intrument choice)
  15. I really want to gain more experience composing for the orchestra, so today I spent a little while writing a quick idea for the orchestra. It's only a few measures, but this is my first attempt and I want to know if it is any good so far. Will someone please listen to it and tell me what they think? I plan to continue it and make it longer, but I'd like to know if I am even doing this half-decently first. :) Anyway, here is what I have so far. I was actually going to write this for the opening scene of a game I was helping make on the computer, so that is why it is titled "Opening Theme". Please listen and tell me what you think... :angry: Opening_Theme.mid
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