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  1. The 'Test Site' with the white and the smokey violin at the top looks great but with the white underneath it doesn't give justice to the top. If you perhaps used a dark red and black it would pop out nicely and an explorer might stick around to join in the fun. And as long as you had a break between the colors you could still use white. Hopefully this makes sense. Also, when I'm listening to a piece of music and the comments are listed below they are there in a way that is a little challenging to read. could you make it look like what it does on the forum?
  2. How is the best way to find and contact people who teach composition? Are they common in any area?
  3. How do you find the ranking of schools anyway? Does anyone know anything about Mannes: The New School for Music? Their brochure and website do not give very specific information. Does anyone have any personal experience with this school in either violin performance or composition?
  4. I don't have PERFECT pitch but I have pretty good relative pitch which I have gained from playing the violin for so many years and tuning before every time I practiced plus orchestra rehearsals etc. I'm also really good with recognizing and naming intervals which I also think has come from playing the violin. You can feel the whole steps and half steps with your fingers and hear the result.
  5. If there is no such thing as Perfect Pitch then what did Mozart have??
  6. I mostly want to go into composing for the training. Can I get that same experience with just a BA in Music? I'd like to be both a concert composer and write Music for Movies. I understand you don't necesarily need a degree to do that but I need a teacher. I'm trying but you can only do so much on your own.
  7. I was talking to my sister the other day about going into Composition as my major in college. She was trying to talk me out of it because she says all they teach is atonal; so here I am to ask the best. Is this true? If not can you please provide examples? I know there is opera and theater music. I'm mostly talking classical, orchestration, etc. Thanks! :toothygrin:
  8. I play both piano and violin but I find it much easier to compose on my violin. For some reason I just feel more inspired on that instrument than on the piano.
  9. Go ahead and send me a note YC26. Enlighten me with your knowledge. :D
  10. Thanks guys! You've really helped a lot!!!! Anyone Else?? One of the things I've struggled with is how to get information on Universities/Colleges. Like Dan Gilbert said. Their websites haven't been very informational and Collegeboard can only give you so much! Any Ideas?
  11. Ok so I know I'm not the only one out there thinking about college. I'm fairly sure I want to go into Music Theory and Composition but although that does bring down the number of choices quite a bit it only opens up a whole new world. :hmmm: So if any of you are in the same spot as me and want to give me anything you've found and say why you are considering it and possibly a source (website) I can go and look at it that would be wonderful! And anyone who is in school right now I would Love you if you would share what school you attend and why you choose it and also a source. Thanks so much in advance! Oh, and I'm thinking I mostly want to stay in the U.S. but international is cool too. Thanks!!! And good luck to everyone else out there like me! :thumbsup:
  12. I'm not sure of all of the rules for this program, (if you have to be in the country?) but you can look into it. It is BYU-Independant Study at Brigham Young University. Anyway, here is the website for it. BYU Independent Study - Distance Education Courses - Online Learning I hope I could be of some help!
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