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  1. hello! Can you give me advices on writing for harp... and if you have some time please check this harp part and comment http://www.youngcomposers.com/music/1336/a-naked-lunch-suite-help-on-harp-part/ can someone help me please...! Thank you
  2. http://www.youngcomposers.com/forum/help-managing-stacks-finale-2008-a-21361.html
  3. The work i'm compusing is a fantasia ,whit leng of aprx 15 min and it meant to be a type of a concert , has a lot of hard passages and a lots of the viola high range. two questions 1. can you give a list of good combinations viola-other ,,, 2. it is nesesary to play all the pieces you compuse,,(because i'm not able of play some of the difficult parts of my fantasia) PD... When i finish my work i be more than happy of send anybody a copy of the score... P.D2 : by the way you can cheak out my first work posted here http://www.youngcomposers.com/forum/concerto-viola-strings-baroque-manner-19776.html really thank you alll!
  4. Thank you very much I do hope somebody gets interest to.... Thats other of my problems, to make the music understand and be play the way i want, but in the other hand what is the point of denied the interpretet to do what is ment to do, (is interpretation)
  5. Thank you very much... Wath i'm triying to do is not surregate the orchestra to second plane and thats the tricky part of witring for viola, the orchestration is not so heavy, but amost always whit counterpoint and i try to do a lots of little duets with the horns and fagot... but still the range of viola gets lost some times..
  6. maybe you will wanna look some music of Carlos Chavez and Silvestre Revueltas... they featured a great percussion part... P.D: I will be very interesting on earing your piece once you fineshed
  7. Hello !.... I would like to hear advices on the best way to write a viola concerto, regarding to instrumentation, double stopes, and writing virtuoso passages, I am a violist and almost everything that i compose is for my instrument, I have composed some things and i'am currently completing a Fantasia for viola and orchestra, and I would like to know opinions on how you write something for viola. Thank you... p.d: Sorry for my english
  8. HELLO! If im interest in submit a work for the competition... How can i do? Thank you...
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