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  1. you could also copy paste each note bend and toss them between the clarinet players to compensate for performance issues. like 1 clarinet will bend up slow-the other one will give that fast half tone bend-and then the first one will complete the bend down. in any case you'd need bending, and maybe a layer to make the clarinet more of duduk timbre.
  2. there are number of options for you, i think what you should do is play(or record) the progression in loop, then check what notes works best with it. the chord notes(for example A:A C# E) are the best for staying "in the chord" and you can compose a nice melody out of them, but usually it's harder to think "vertically"(since with chord there are jumps) and horizontally is easier(no jumps with the scale which fits). there are melodies that works best with notes that AREN'T in the scale also, so conventional means aren't always the best. i am all for experimentation.
  3. hi,this is quite a good idea since promoting stuff is always better when grouped, gives the audience a chance to browse through and view their favourite stuff. rather than one composer with videos taking on the world with his stuff. +1
  4. great poem you should write music to:
  5. your question of "how to compose" is way too broad to answer, but the truth can start with listening to simple film scores(not john williams or bernard hermann for example) and try figure out the changes(chords) and see for yourself how it worked, you'll get more "appropriate" questions after that. the second chord changes can be used as symmetrical scale-diminished, half step-full step-half step-full step and so on.. starting from either A or C. but you could also use each scale for each chord which takes more skill to master, A mixolydian(which is D major) and C natural minor(which is Eb major).
  6. and now let's hope the client likes it

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      haha so true.

  7. i always say, what's your budget, but clients really like to hide it, so you have to be clever enough to get them out of it, without being an donkey.
  8. no, because its not something i'm proud of. i just told you i'm not working under these fees again. i saw in indie dev forums prices goes down as much as 20$ a track, i take alot more. you should charge as much as you can, don't cheapen yourself, ask for the maximum at least and then go down if you really must have that gig.
  9. good post marius. they are bastards that's for sure, you will work for decent pay once you'll need it. i'm getting lousy $$$ for iphone games as well, and i know i'll lose some costumers if i raise the bar. but it just not worth the time just for the sake of making a few $$. its in fact, less rewarding-since you probably won't make grand music as much as you could with bigger budgets, since you spend your time stocking cash for composing time, instead of stocking cash from composing-to composing! so you spend time on the wrong job. anyway, you'll get the picture after a few projects like this, it ain't a serious living if you don't take it seriously.
  10. how to get fat rich costumers??

  11. free the interent from stupid update status

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