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  1. Currently, the Pictures at an Exhibition by Modest Mussorgsky is okay. I particularly liked the "Gnoumus" movement for its unusual theme and stuff. The whole suite was pretty cool overall.
  2. It seems interesting. I might join... But in the chart thing, is the shaded area the range or unshaded or the red out ones?
  3. I'm sorry, I forgot this was a friendly composition sharing forum. I thought of the idea while looking through the competition page.... Anyway thanks for considering my idea as well.
  4. Hey, I wonder if its alright if we have like "real" competitions in YC? For example, one user submitts a recording/video of a piece he/she played and same with another user, and we get the judges to grade that which one is better in style, techique, etc. Just like a live piano competition or something.... Or do we have that function in YC?
  5. I'll turn in my music tomorrow, is that okay?
  6. Yes, yes ,yes can you please extend it to the 10th, if possible? That's because I have a lot of school stuff due tomorrow and still working on it. And I'm almost done with typing the piece on Sibelius already.....
  7. Thanks a lot. I'm always trying to find all of the kirkpatrick catalogue but i cant seem to find it. I got first 150 in some John Sankey website......
  8. Hey, guys. I have like a collection of 150 sonatas (by D. Scarlatti) but I dont know which one is good.. Can anyone suggest a really good Scarlatti piece (between k.1-k.150) that could impress some audiences?
  9. It sounds interesting. I might join, but I'm currently thinking having second thoughts to enter because I'm currently working on 6 pieces right now for some other competitions in YC and my personal issues........:dunno:
  10. Can you extend the deadline to June 9th instead? I'm a bit tight on schedule right now.......
  11. How many winners are there? Are there Honorable Mentions?
  12. No problem, just helping out the community :D
  13. Im srry i totally didnt get wat u said...
  14. PMs (private messages). admins or moderators or editors or reviewers can PM whoever to give them an award in a "literary" way so u could just show u have an award on yur signature, in words? And....uh.....if the admins catch anyone with a false award they didnt have on the signature, they could just ban them?
  15. yeah, but that's yearly, too little i think. make it more frequently, like once a week?
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