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  1. I don't know Alessandro Scarlatti nor Pietro Filippo. I just know Johann Sebastian Bach, Georg Friedrich H
  2. Although it's pretty logic, the function "number of posts vrs. date" can only determine the activity of the member, not his/her knowledge or composing level (I asked about this long before). Anybody con be a teacher only if he/she consider their knowledge and/or wisdom is high enough to answer to the stundents in a very effective way.
  3. I wouldn't mind to be a teacher as well as a student.
  4. I'd like to have some scores of him if you say his toccattas are good
  5. I ask you the same, Exemos. I'm starting with atonal impresionst music. Does that count? Why do you need a opera, anyway?
  6. Usually, I see marcato printed like "marcato" behind the notes.
  7. The "White Mass" and "Black Mass" by Alexandr Skriabin, recently
  8. The "Appassionata", "Mondschein" and "Path
  9. Arthur Reglay


    Trills are not as difficult to play. In fact, I play them like if they were a faster mordent. The Air of the 14th suite of H
  10. I think Paganini was the greatest violinist and Chopin was one of the greatest pianist.
  11. I'd say the best piece of Paganini is the 3rd mov. of the Violin Concerto No,2 in B flat minor: "La Campanella". Salvatore Accardo is a very talented violinist, indeed.
  12. I like Costa Rica (of course!), France, England, Poland, Germany and Panama
  13. 1) For me, the most important ability in composition is the feeling, followed by coherence (like a common chat). 2) Musical ideas are the most important things in composition and I said feeling is the most important thing in composition. Then, my inspiration comes from feelings.
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