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  1. I want to write music for string quartet , some of woodwinds and timpani Which combination can be good ? İ preferred clarinet and trumpet are there any advise for that?
  2. John thanks for your answer.That is so explanatory in my view.I have been studying composition and ı wrote many music.But in piano music ı learned with russian method.And ı always wrote this methods rules.But some of pianists dont play my musics as ı expect.In my researchs almost all the composer of all periods write detasched way(unmarked notes absolutly non legato).But some cases like czerny or clementi or beethoven write cantabile way.But this way of writing music is so ridicilous.When ı examined the french and russian method or some books about piano music the methods say when notes unmarked they must be played with little spaces.But when ı apply this on my score some of pianist play legato unmarked notes besides they play each slurred group with one continuous legato.I am so confused.
  3. Thanks to your advices but ı need to show some examples for you maybe you would understand me after this examples http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLK7byb_l-k&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNVVUSuDZMo&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/user/ch252525?blend=21&ob=5#p/u/20/M5VEpRoSiY8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nBElVXWzY4&feature=related ı have a lot of work like this.You will see all the pianist of the videos play the unmarked notes non legato(detached).I need to say that if all of pianists in these videos can do right thing on the notation.The other pianists cant see the score with basic rules the pianists is not pianist they only play some notes of composition.Because this are basic rules and this rules must be known.:=)
  4. İn the baroque the ordinary touch is non legato.So what do you mean with baroque legato.And in the classical period ordinary touch was non legato(when notes unmarked).İn romantic period non legato was still fashinable.My prof always say Brahms,schubert,chopin,schumann must be played always as its wrote.But some of english composers like clementi bring forward legato style.And beethoven and czerny about 1804 began to use legato style.But in russia,germany,norway,france and england to using one to one notation.They are so solid in notation.The most of the big composers from this countrys like milton babbit,schostokovich,prokofief,schönberg,anton webern,schnittke,ravel,debussy,Françaix,stravinksy,shchedrin,Gubaidulina,janacek,bartok exct... Romantic style just a style for some of romantic music.But we cannot read all the scores with this rules. Lets think about it Unmarked notes is non legato in Baroque,Classical,romantic,impressionist and modern eras(expressionism ext..)Because tied and untied notes always different all of the periods.And the pianist must know this basic rule.But pianist can play legato style in Baroque,Classical,and romantic age like all pianist do.But in the the twentieth century the composer must write slur if he wants slur.Because of this non legato notes always play as its wrote.Tempo and character of piece doesnt concern the pianist...
  5. OK?What about general rules on piano writing could you explain touch rules ?...for example unmarked means what and that rules coming where which theoric rules say this rules?How can you explain this... Because the great teachers of the world daniel gottlieb turk,cp.e bach,marpurg and most using methods like beyer and russian school french school ext say the non legato means absolutly non legato.And twentieth cenrtury composers writing on that rules.For example bartok prokofief and schostovich milton babbit and imressionist composers means when the text is unmarked the score is absolutely non legato.Why am ı write external expression in my score.İs that so ridiculous?
  6. As you know the basic principicles on the piano writing. Slur means legato And unmarked notes is non legato.There are two main articulation on the piano.But when ı wrote the modern music or like classical music.When ı give my music to the pianist.some pianist play my unmarked notes legato.What could be the reason for this?
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