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  1. I have to use glock and/or vibes as the sound :(
  2. Sib 7 was bad anyways...I'm keeping 6! It's not perfect but it's way better than anything else. The main thing is....no celesta sound :(
  3. Daphnis et Chloe by Ravel is my new favorite piece :) you have to hear the complete ballet though! So cool. Also, I arranged 2 sections of petrushka for string sextet. Yes, 6 players for all that! It sounds great. We're rehearsing it on the 28th in our new group :) sooooo how've yall's been?

  4. It's like a presidential election, and my views are the same: It's fun to look at, but you'll see when you see. (I voted for my category :musicwhistle: )
  5. It might be a synth woodblock sound with added reverb.
  6. I've doubled Bass and regular before. It's not an issue, as long as you give them about 30 seconds or so to switch. If it's mostly bass clarinet, then you should probably keep it as bass...but at the range you are talking about, maybe it should be regular. However, high bass clarinet is a unique sound, and it's not really louder than normal clarinet. I say if you only have it for a few bars, then don't, but for a more extended passage, keep it as what you wrote.
  7. Ravel, Debussy, some of the Haydn, Elliot Carter 3, all Bartok, all Shosty, Sibelius. Also, Stravinsky wrote one which I also thought was cool.... AND Beethoven C# minor is the other. Shoenberg I like too..but I prefer the first ones. Out of all of those, my Favorite is Bartok 5th... I LOVE THAT! :D next probably Ravel.
  8. Nice piece, I think you probably used under the max time for a solo celesta piece. After a while, it would probably get tiring, but this no. One thing I would say is be careful about repeated notes on a celesta. Any more than you have and it will probably get muddled. Again, glad to see it get some thought around here!
  9. Someone recently wrote a celesta concerto for celesta and chamber orchestra- performed in Nashville, haven't heard it though.
  10. The larger part in is in the lat movement of my symphony, adding tinkling to a large portions of the piece. Also as a chordal part with winds, in a soft texture. It works only because of the set-up of the piece... It's cool to know that people enjoy it!
  11. Hi all, In the symphony that I'm composing now, I realize that in all the movements combined, the Celesta part will probably be about 30 pages, extremely large for the instrument. I'm wondering who else likes to utilize this instrument in large ammounts, and who enjoys writing for it. I love the soft, tinkley sound that can be a great background, harmony, or melody line. It's a soft instrument, so it's tough to use, but I really think people should take more advantage of the instrument. Just my personal opinion. What do you think? Heckel
  12. Best Juilliard report card yet- 5 As and 4 A+s!!!

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