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  1. I'm going to get all philosophical and say I write because I enjoy it. I think Kefienzel is right to a certain extent, unless you are 100% sociopath. In fact, am a sociopath. It's great! Whenever I have to take a dump, I just drop trou in the middle of a busy intersection.
  2. Thanks for the reviews! It was a fun project, something I never would have even considered doing before the contest. A good learning experience. Congrats, Sojar! What did I tell you? ;)
  3. There's a guy my dad knows who can't keep a simple beat. Tell him to keep a basic 4/4 beat, just cannot do it for the life of him, even with lessons. He's tried to play guitar his whole life, yet never gets further than a few simple chords, which he plays sporadically because he can't keep a beat. I believe talent is real, not in a "magical sense", but in a way that maybe some of us are genetically predisposed to do certain things others can't.
  4. I think it kind of depends on what you want. Requiem Pro and the lot from 8dio/SoundIron is impressive for aggressive type choir sounds. Symphonic Choirs is for wordbuilding, but doesn't sound as aggressive as Requiem or even Voices of the Apocalypse. I wasn't too fond of Voxos.
  5. I've Googled. Most communities/forums I've seen are empty, with endless amounts of people begging to be noticed in the "need music?" sections. Depressingly, all of those have 0 replies. They're like internet ghost towns. I wonder if there really are any communities, or if the whole thing is a conspiracy.
  6. I'm surprised no one's mentioned Danny Elfman. James Newton Howard is also one of my favorites.
  7. You can analyze and point out polytonal harmonies till you fart mustard gas, but nothing will impress me concerning this extremely repetitious piece of garbage. I don't know what this guy was smoking when he heard the song, but it fits in quite nicely with all the other mediocre pop "songs" that rampantly pollute the airwaves these days. A lot of good music is made these days, yet our culture wants to focus on a very select bunch of untalented idiots who quack obscenities into a microphone and call it a musical sub genre. WHY is this?!
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