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  1. Hi! So i`ve been wondering cause we all speak of composing and so on and on,but what about getting paid it for,btw it`s our profession and job. So in this thread i want to know how much money max can u get by e.g composing Liszt mephisto walts. U publicize it,sell scores,... It`s standard piano piece lasting about 10 min,so what do u do to make more and more money. Tell ur expirience with selling music and how much money did u get
  2. I want site where i can find sorabji. by the way try waltersosand.com chubrik.ru and piano.ru
  3. I asked this question because i am really comfused,because i am working on 12 transcendental etudes for piano inspired by Rach,Liszt,Chopin,Sorabji and I have completed all 11 etudes,but i lost inspiration for the 1st one which is called Grand Opening,and i dont know how to compose it....... By the way names of etudes are 1.Grand Opening 2.Appasionata 3.Noise (All chords in sixteens) 4.Space 5.Spanish Danza 6.Quasi Simphony 7.Transcription of John Cage`s work 4`33 8.For left hand 9.Appasionata 2 10.Clair de Lune 11.Rotting 12.Death
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