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  1. Agree with the thing about the out of scale neighbour tones. Maybe halving the length of them might make them fit more neatly into the melody. Or just leave it out and give us time to enjoy the bright major chord underneath. How come you start with synth sounds and then transition to orchestra? You could make the intro section work with orchestra too I don't see why you'd change ensembles half way through Those trumpet / brass shakes are wild! (eg. 02:21) Makes me think I'm listening to jazz/bigband. Sort of unorthodox given the genre but I guess it works. Nice composition!
  2. Woah this is amazing! What are your VIs?
  3. Thanks for the responses guys! The name actually came to me in a divine flash of inspiration last night.. Its called a declamatory rhythm. Nothing to do with diminuition, I just used different, shortening note values to demonstrate what I meant, and I lol'd at the trill with identity issues :D Thanks fellas! ^.^
  4. This has been annoying me for several days now. The rhythm I've forgotten the name of is a dotted note followed by two notes that are relatively much shorter. For example a dotted crotchet followed by two semiquavers. I've demonstrated what I mean in the attached PDF. Any help please? Thanks a lot guys :) Sibelius.pdf
  5. OK. I'll try to actually offer you some helpful advice unlike some guys on here. All of the works you have mentioned are very good indeed Dracula, Koyanisqatssi,Violin Concerto, Metamorphasis (that one I saw him play live :) :P ) , you listed many of my favourites actually, so you obviously are well on your way to being a glass head. I'm loving his Concerto for two timpanists and orchestra at the minute, explosive in parts, tender and poignant in others. Thats probably my favourite concerto of his,, along with the one for Saxophone quartet. Those are the two I'd go for in terms of orchestral works. Maybe "Songs from Liquid Days" too. Very nice ;) Stay away from his operas.. he has severl operas, I've got Einstein on the Beach and The Juniper Tree,, they don't really do it for me,, too wacky, really bizarre stuff, and it totally goes over the head without the action on stage. Plus, he's got plenty of synths in them, so I doubt they would do anything for you either. He's got a lot of Études for piano that are very interesting, I forget what he called them but he played some of them at the concert he gave and I remember liking them a lot =) Those are my suggestions. If you fancy going for a total wildcard, get the album he wrote with Ravi Shankar- "Passages" Fusion of minimilism with Indian classical music. I think its great stuff but I get weird looks sometimes from people,, Worth it though! :) Hope that helps! ;)
  6. Hey man,,, Had a look at some of your films... I enjoyed them despite not having a word of Sweedish! Some nice work there.. would definitely be interested in collaborating at some stage. Here is a link to my myspace profile: www.myspace.com/paulcecchetti or my youtube account if you prefer that http://www.youtube.com/user/thedrumbum1990 I've done films before, documentaries and short films mostly, just like this. It looks pretty interesting. Hope to hear back. -SS
  7. Hey man. I wouldn't mind being made a reviewer, as opposed to an editor. I think I'd be better at it and it would be more useful generally to the guys here. Here's where I'd excel most: 1. Chamber Music - my main interest area in composing 2. Choral/Vocal- studying harmony and counterpoint in college 3. Large Ensemble (Orchestral)- play in various orchestras and have a fair idea of its uses and limitations. Have have works performed by the college orchestra. Because... [brag] I'm basically a nice guy, when I give my thoughts I try to balance out the raw truth with something constructive so people can learn from my ideas. I don't go out to troll or be mean, and I think I could be of great service to new members or younger guys. I'm also quite articulate so I can express my opinions without sounding like a douche.. I have a good knowledge of composition (I think..), have been composing for some years, and can see possible errors and room for improvement. Been playing music since age of about 6, so have a good bit of experience behind me. ;) I can tell the difference between a masterfully, well thought out composition and one sequenced before breakfast.. [/brag] Think that's it really.
  8. Hey- I've been trying to upload a composition, but the upload tool doesn't seem to be working at all. Anyone else with this problem? Thanks -P
  9. If I can find some time at all Ill do this! Looks like fun.
  10. I would give that a try. I occasionally edit wikipedia (as well as the odd article on uncyclopedia!) I've a good knowledge of music history and most other music-related topics, I believe I could be of service to you.. :P
  11. Flautist- in music college so have ready access to pianists, violinists, guitarists,, basically most other western instruments. Also percussionist.
  12. Ravel? Oh! You must mean Bartok! XD
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