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  1. So, here is my band director's latest idea: After the rousing first movement of our show, we're standing in this cool block... We put our horns down, and the pit starts playing some odd african "dream sequence" (each pit member is supposed to play it "out of time") while we dance mysteriously to the next starting position.... Except it looks dumb. And sounds dumb. >.

    1. Elizabeth


      ROFL. Hey how did drum major auditions go?

    2. MusicFiend


      They did okay. I think I had the best chance out of my class, but being a Freshman it was a pretty much guarunted "NO." However, this year I think I have a very good, if not the best, chance this year....

  2. So, after a couple months of... *write write write...delete* ... I have finally begun the development of my string ensemble piece. lol. Why can't I composing.

    1. HeckelphoneNYC



      "why i cant composing" Jem7's most famous line!

    2. MusicFiend


      Ouch, I messed up a wee bit. ;) Nice catch.

  3. MoTab is awesome even if you're not Mormon. Like seriously, listen to this.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmTWVJ_pXBk&feature=related

    1. MusicFiend


      Hm... I bet there's something at BYU. XD

  4. I'm so proud of my marching band. We have made so much progress it ain't funny. And our show is awesome. Tritones and minor seconds all over the place.

  5. Band Camp. Nine hours, of amazing, beautiful, hell.

    1. HeckelphoneNYC
    2. keysguitar


      My brother is in band camp right now. The band instructor wanted me to help out, but I think my brother doesn't want me embarrassing him or something, XD.

  6. Just inhaled another sandwich.

    1. Ravels Radical Rivalry

      Ravels Radical Rivalry

      Me too. Bacon Turkey Bravo from Panera Bread.

    2. HeckelphoneNYC


      mmm Panera bread!

  7. Spent an hour killing time in a music store (they actually have viola music. I was shocked.) Then had the most AMAZING lesson with a VIOLA GODDESS, the Professor of Viola at Boise State. Then ate purple french fries and a bison burger at Boise Fry Company. Awesome day.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. HeckelphoneNYC


      we heard you the first time.

    3. HeckelphoneNYC


      huh? how did I get three of them in a row.....

    4. MusicFiend


      We heard you the first time.

  8. Thank you Marius and your large font. It's helpful to us distressed members to know what is being accomplished. I suppose we were thinking it was another "lame transitional period" between crappy technologies. Let's get back to the point were we have too many people arguing on the shoutbox again, eh? :P
  9. Just wrote two very satisfying bars.

    1. cjplumblossom
    2. HeckelphoneNYC


      good for you! now write 2 more.

  10. I agree.... I think this forum needs to stay in one place for a while. Too much change is never a good thing. The last skin was a great look, and now it's this boring blue crap. Can we have SOME degree of uniformity, please? First the uploads change monthly or so (that deserves a new thread by itsself) and then everything is messed with constantly?
  11. Hoffmeister is still making my hand hurt. People should never write notes underneath a trill, because I find it hard to make my digits move that way.

    1. johnbucket


      Same complaint - but it's about Beethoven.

    2. cjplumblossom



  12. Just saw Harry Potter, and it was ah-mazing. Now lightning is shaking the whole house. This is awesome...

  13. So, at a local pizzeria, tomorrow is "French Horn Players Day." I may get the chance to go into the kitchen and make a free pizza.

    1. turpentine_angels


      how many french horn players do you have in your town that they would become a target audience for a local pizzeria?? my part of town only has like 3 to my knowledge

    2. MusicFiend


      I live in the beautiful City of Trees - Boise, ID. :D

    3. HeckelphoneNYC


      LOL this is awesome :)

  14. Today for lunch I ate.. 2 hotdogs, 1 brownie a la mode, a pb&j, and a dr.pepper. :D

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    2. jawoodruff


      Yesterday I had for dinner: 1 burrito, 2 Tostadas, and queso with tortilla chips!

    3. HeckelphoneNYC


      not to him: he ate a brownie.

    4. jrcramer


      For dinner I am gonna have BBQ and vodka

  15. I'm back. yay.

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