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  1. I love the PROMS! ... and guess who got tickets :toothygrin:
  2. Any news on this? It would probably be the coolest app to have.
  3. I strongly support Robin's suggestion as well. Question is how long time it'll take to get it running and all.
  4. Well it works perfectly fine when I am on the YC window but I tend to be on several at the same time, maybe it is only me that does so. Either way but let's say I am reading an article then I have no knowledge that someone has messaged me. Keep up the good work.
  5. To Mike the Robot's successor, or in a more formal way; To Whom it May concern. I was merely wondering if it is possible to add a pop-up window feature to the friend list chat. I happen to be using it a lot and I think those who do might actually prefer having it in a seperate window, instead of blocking segments of the page. Also is it possible to had an alert feature for a new posted message and time for each sent message?
  6. Why do you visit Young Composers? Do not use it much anymore What do you expect to gain from Young Composers? What is important to you...finding like minded friends, gaining knowledge, acquiring reviews of music? Opening my mind to new music How often do you visit this site? Once in a while How long are your visits? If they are short, why? They last a few minutes, the shoutbox is permanently dead. Do you feel the categories above are too generic and uninspiring? I think it works just well, or rather that is used to. Do not know how it is now. What topics for discussion would you like to see on Young Composers that we currently do not offer? Do you feel discussion on Young Composers has been weak? If so, what can I do to improve this situation? Feels like such a lively forum as just gone and shot itself in the head. But that is just my opinion.
  7. thinks the status implementation is a facebook hoefuck.

  8. thinks the status implementation is a facebook hoefuck.

  9. Actually Andy (Glob) has a very nice smug smiley on his msn. I guess this is would suffice as an example: smug smiley - Google Images (the second to the left, first line)
  10. I doubt his teacher is 10 years old. And yes I have a license to kill, got a problem with that?
  11. Who says I am walking... Crossing an ocean is easier than it sounds.
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