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  1. You are totally right, but still can I ask you to vote? :P And no I don't post at random forums, just the ones I am active on.
  2. Hi all, Rogier Wildeboer & me are participating in a film music competition in The Netherlands called "the entertainment experience". It's organized by our most famous director Paul Verhoeven, you might know him from basic instinct. In this competition everyone can take part, but you have to get votes for your work to win. So here is where you come in, we'd like to ask you to vote for us! It can be done easily, just click the big 'stem' (=vote) button beneath the video and login with your facebook or twitter account, it's as easy as that. We'd appreciate that very much! Here's the link: http://www.entertainmentexperience.nl/audio/wi1wf1t9fqetym4pwg0o5giwi Thanks! Best regards, Rogier and Hugo
  3. Hi everyone, It's been a long time, but I just listened to this unfinished piece, and I was thinking how awesome it would be if some of you would try and record the other parts! Everyone is welcome to send in a part, there must be a part you can play. If your instrument isn't in the piece, just send in one of the parts played with you instruments, if the range of your instrument is proficient for that part. Hope to see more parts! Check out page 4 of this topic for info and the parts. Kind regards
  4. I am really busy atm so I can't record the bass too soon. Maybe next week. I was wondering if anyone else has considered recording other parts? That'd be great! If you have any friends who would like to play along please let me know. Kind regards.
  5. Play=easy to use, and I think hollywood strings would be a better choice, but that's just my opinion ;).
  6. Here is the piano part played by Rogier. When I have recorded the bass I'll upload a file consisting of all the instruments again :). Come on people, let's do this! http://www.box.net/shared/d4tuikv66j
  7. I've recorded the tenor part. I must say some of the parts were pretty high for me and I could only sing them at louder dynamics than written. The bass part is coming soon! Here is the file combining all the instruments until now: http://www.box.net/shared/a9ouv11b61 Hope to receive more entries from others too :)
  8. I am recording the tenor parts at the moment, Rogier is recording the piano part soon. I hope to get more parts soon :)
  9. Hey Man :) that sounds good! I think you edited the beginning ok, but later on it's not lined up well to the other parts. I discovered my tracks weren't rendered well to the click track so here is my edit. It sounds now more logical :) Here's a link to the latest mp3 http://www.box.net/shared/myb9j2nt8x For everyone that will record their parts: if you'd like to play along you can use this track in combination with the click track. I hope we will soon have some violin tracks, and a piano track would also be amazing. I'll try and record the tenor voice soon, so all singers can have an example of what I want with the whispering :). Greetz
  10. @ musicfiend: Great! Just send it in, and I'll try to make it sound less dreadful :P If you happen to know some1 with good recording equipment, maybe ask him/her to borrow it, or record it there. Or just buy yourself some equipment, since it isn't that expensive these days to get good equipment. I have a shure Sm57 http://www.shure.com/americas/products/microphones/sm/sm57-instrument-microphone and a Tascam US-144mkii http://tascam.com/product/us-144mkii/ Together these are 200 euro's. That's kind of expensive, but I can record any instrument with no noise this way. You can go cheaper by getting an audio device that's +/- 40 euro's and a dynamic mic that's something like 40 euro's and there you have already very good recording equipment, for not too much money I guess. @smallercomma: No problem, just send in the first half, if you can't do the second half. I am really curious about your recordings! Greetz
  11. And here's the cello part. As I am still a beginner, don't expect the best ^_^ http://www.2shared.com/audio/i9O9ddTW/Virtual_Ensemble_Cello.html
  12. Hey Everyone, I have recorded the guitar part, I haven't done any editing on it yet, which I will do once all parts have been recorded. I think it is useful for everyone to have this alongside the click track to play along, if you prefer playing with other instruments over playing to a click track :). I'll soon record the cello part too! After that I'll give the tenor part a try, but I was hoping someone else would be able to do that, since it is kind of high for me. I'll ofcourse do the whispering part. I hope everyone will be able to record their parts. As the deadline has been set kind of early to all of us, I extend it to the first of June. Please feel free to record any part you like, even when it isn't written for your instrument. Here's the link to the guitar part: http://www.2shared.com/audio/0CBhBCVg/virtual_ensemble_guitar_DRY.html Kind regards, Hugo
  13. Hey Guys, That sounds great :). Musicfiend welcome to the group! Please record any part you think you can play. Smallercomma: Thanks for the update. It's ok if something is too hard, just don't record it, or give it a try. Because I have been VERY busy lately with my study (I am in the last two years of my medical education, and therefore I am having my internships which take about 60 hours a week), I haven't yet recorded all of my parts. I will try and record it as soon as I have time for it. I have already recorded some parts. I think it would be easier for everyone to record their parts when there are some tracks to record along. Kind regards, Hugo
  14. Yes sure, I'll edit eveyrthing together then. Please be sure to record at the appropriate tempo :). Recording both the parts would be great! Thanks in advance :). I'll try to record my parts asap, I think I will be able to do them this week. Kind regards
  15. Great! :) Ill make sure to record my parts next week ASAP, so everyone has something to record along. Greetz
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