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  1. hi this is emotional beginning of a piece for piano and flute or other soloist, that is unfinished. i wanted to share this, but i have hesitated it first since it is only a beginning. it is though already 5 minutes long. i think the first 3 'episodes' or segments are good but after about 2.36 the music comes too straightforward, i want to put slow part somewhere after 2.36 that is in the second mp3 and note. the third mp3 and note that i have made related to the piece doesn't seem to suite to the whole, but its there still.
  2. hi, this is unfinshed clarinet trio, but i thought i could share it anyway. i think the second part of it spoils the feeling, its too fast,but it is there still. "karhun ulvonta" means "howling of bear"
  3. semotivo

    a song

    Hi this is a song what i have got inspiration from Turlough O'carolans old melodies. it is repeated two times in mp3 file
  4. this is many part piece for soprano saxophone and piano. unfortunately it is mp3 only - i haven't found music sheet for it, it has been inside my older computer. i wanted to share this.
  5. hi this is small song and duetto. i thought i could share this. i like the feeling of it.
  6. Hi here are two solos under the same topic and piece "blue moment". They are only single instrument lines with no accompanion or background. in those soundfont - mp3 file i selected trumpet and bassoon as main instruments but flute and maybe guitar could play them as well. this could be played half octave lower as well.
  7. hi i have been - as a hobbyist- thinking the question, how to develop good melody. i don't have much knowledge about baroque style but i have some suggestions to make the melody more rythmical which i wrote to midi file here. i don't even know are these all allowed in baroque music, but it makes the articulation of melody better. D_VAR.MID
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