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  1. The only time I put a worldview into music is if the music is programmatic or has lyrics. Otherwise it's just music. It might represent me, or bits of me, or parts of my personality, but there's no way I consciously put my belief system into my absolute music, and there's no way if I did someone would completely accurately get it without program notes.
  2. Ah, I see. Good for you! Well, I guess since there are still people with IE....yes, it would be good to make sure they can use the site
  3. I think the problem is that you're still using IE9 :lol: :P jk ;)
  4. Beethoven's 16th String Quartet. 'nuff said

  5. I think the best way is to listen with a score and try and figure it out for yourself. Some pieces are more free-form, others have "form" with textures and ideas, and some are very rigid in their structure. As far as articles or books on it, I don't know of any, so that's the best advice I can give. In fact, for learning anything about composition, probably the best way to do it is by listening to and studying compositions ;)
  6. 1. This thread. 2. People posting in this thread. 3. Me, for posting in this thread. 4. Anyone who posts in this thread 5. Coming up with 5 things to hate.
  7. why is my profile pic (

  8. Crazy is good, improvising is good. SSC is good
  9. I improvise a lot (as in, I could literally improvise all day long, and it would be a huge range of styles and ideas...but man would I be tired....) This just lets me come up with ideas like crazy, the problem I have is choosing the best ones, refining them, and not getting distracted with other pieces :P. I've finally gotten over that last barrier....but my works now still have a lot of variation in them. Which is good to some degree, I guess
  10. I don't know about the best, but these are the ones I like: Shosty 1, Rach all of them, Mozart (you know, just...Mozart concertos in general really), Beethoven 3-5, and definitely the Poulenc ones (there's a double piano concerto and a regular concerto I know of) Prokofiev's concertos are great, too, but I never liked them much. I need to listen to Barber's and Bartok's now :ermm:
  11. Major seconds, major thirds, and the tritones. 2nds and 7ths in general. My favorite interval: the diminished 7th
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