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  1. epii

    Never In A Million Years

    Hughes, Thanks for your nice comments. If I know "Revolver"?!!! You happen to be conversing with the worlds number one (self appointed) Beatles freak. I spent my youth learning to play every guitar, piano, and bass note on Beatle songs. I sometimes watch "How To" YouTube videos of people teaching how to play a particular Beatle song only to most often say "nope" then go on to the next video. There are only a few people on YouTube who get the parts right, most do not. I'm a stickler for accuracy. And though I've been humbled on occasion, it doesn't happen often and only then it's in "splitting hairs" territory. I could teach a class on being a McCartney impersonator I've studied that guy so much. I tried many years ago putting a Beatle tribute band together when I lived in Seattle but soon realized how hard it was to find a really good John, George, and Ringo and gave up on it. Probably just as well because I'd likely have needed therapy to find "me" again. I freaking love the Beatles! I'm glad to know that box.com worked for you. I'm also glad to have found a fellow Beatles fan!
  2. epii

    Again Again

    Hughes, Thanks for the nice comments they mean a lot to me, really, thanks. :) Did you really think this was actual instruments?!!! That makes me even happier. It's all virtual instruments that I used in my DAW (Sonar 8.5). I thought it was a pretty good ukulele sample library and so I used it here. I wrote the tune on the ukulele my sister and her family gave me two Xmas's ago. I tediously inputted every fingering from my uke into Sonars piano roll. It's not as hard as it sounds once you get into it. You said: "and wondered what they (the chords) were" Ha, ha, ha... I couldn't tell ya 'cause I haven't got a clue myself. I play guitar and know guitar chords but the ukulele is new to me and I just found chords myself by playing around with it. I kinda like not knowing what I'm doing on it, not knowing what chords I'm playing or what key I'm in, but that's just me. You asked: "why did you choose an even strum pattern, rather than choose a strum pattern (or patterns) to bring out some of the off-beats?" I guess I'm not quite sure what you mean by "even strum pattern" but at any rate the following technique is what I did to make the strumming - I don't know if you yourself use virtual instruments and if not then this might not make any sense to you - but here's what I did: I simply cut down the volume on the upstrokes by lowering the volume bars of those notes (chords) in the piano roll. I was surprised to hear it sound like a kind of convincing strum. Then I added the rest of the stuff i.e. drums, bass, melody, etc. It started off as a simple bouncy melody and quickly grew into more complicated overlapping harmonies. That happens a lot with me. I just love working out parts. The quirky elongated ending (in case you were wondering) was actually the result of my not being happy with any of the outro ideas and so I just let them all happen one after the other... then it turned out being my favorite part. Thanks again for your nice comments.
  3. epii

    Never In A Million Years

    mark styles, Thanks so much for the thoughtful response. Very, very helpful information. Loading a commercial song into the DAW (in my case Sonar 8.5) as a reference is an excellent idea. And feeding all tracks into a master output and using a mastering plugin is also a great idea. I just don’t understand what I’m listening for or looking at but I guess I should try and learn these things. I always mix in my flat response studio headphones even though everything I’ve read says not to do that. The technical stuff is all very difficult to understand, especially looking at waveforms and adjusting dB levels and such... yuck! But I’ll keep trying. Thanks again for all the helpful ideas they are much appreciated. :)
  4. epii

    Never In A Million Years

    JBegley, Thanks! Great to get feedback about the low end. I really wish I knew someone with mixing/mastering skills 'cause I have zero ability in that area. Getting the bass and drum levels balanced is the hardest thing for me. I just like composing and arranging. Good information though, so thanks for that. :) Beatles-4-Ever!
  5. epii

    Never In A Million Years

    mark styles, Thanks for the feedback. Maybe I should just do both methods i.e. upload an mp3 to YC and also give a link to box.com. I don't think mp3's posted here at YC have an option to be downloaded if one should want to do that. Box.com, on the other hand, does give one the option to download... so I guess maybe doing both methods would be best. Thanks again, and it's always nice to meet a fellow Beatles guy!
  6. epii

    Again Again

    bryla, Thanks for the excellent comments, they are all very helpful. I will be looking into this. Bass is always very hard for me to balance in a mix. I know you're not supposed to mix using headphones, but I do (shame on me). They are studio headphones but still they tend to bring out the bass and I'm always concerned that if I lower the bass volume that it will disappear in the mix. Good to get your feedback on that. I'll bring down the bass and hope it can still be heard. As for the shaker (in this case maracas), very astute comment on your part. I was on the fence with adding them in the first place, it just seemed to need to pick up some dynamics right at the spot you mentioned. I struggled with getting a shuffle with the maracas and wondered at the time if they were even needed. They were competing with the tambourine anyway... so you have now convinced me to take out the maracas. I'm rather technically challenged with using fx and such. More to the point.. I don't have a clue how to use "shelves" and the like. Whenever I read about dB levels it makes my head spin... I just don't understand. I just love composing and arranging. Again, thanks for the helpful comments!
  7. epii

    Again Again

    Luis Hernandez, That's helpful information. I mix in my flat response headphones and yes, percussion and bass are difficult to balance. I'll be looking at it again with that in mind. Thanks.
  8. epii

    Again Again

    Here's another ukulele song with arrangement that I wrote. This time with strumming. Please comment on anything that stands out as too loud. Luis Hernandez commented that the tambourine and bass were too loud. I've uploaded a re-mix where I've re-adjusted those two volumes. I don't know if it helped so any comments are appreciated. I also re-worked some melodies and harmonies.
  9. epii

    Never In A Million Years

    Some Guy That writes Music, Are you saying that you we're prompted to download an application in order to listen to the mp3? I wasn't aware that an application was required to stream and or download files from box.com. I thought that people could simply click on the link and hit "play" when the file appears. hmmm.... that's the first I've heard of this.
  10. epii

    Soft The Snow

    Here's a little ukulele song I wrote in 3/4 time. No strumming, just finger picking. I like finger picking on the uke. Actually it's a virtual instrument ukulele. As usual I put the notes one by one into the Sonar 8.5 piano roll going back and forth from my ukulele to my laptop. Then I worked out the arrangement. Here's the link at box.com: https://app.box.com/s/ru136r430ad1b0qykko5124w8n3p1fpz
  11. Here's a piano song with arrangement. No vocal. If the ending sounds kind of like The Beatles "Hello Goodbye" that's because I absolutely had to modulate the key and it just wanted to go there... so, sue me. :) Here's the box.com link: https://app.box.com/s/b2ckd7sasb6n95hk67zt6c65l6ufngrt
  12. epii

    You And I

    WOW!!!! This is fantastic! Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers would have been perfect for this. You are an enormous talent! Thanks for keeping great music and great arrangements alive... gives me hope that beautiful music will someday return. No reason young people can’t dig this stuff.. it’s melodic and interesting at a gut level. Bravo!!! terrific piece, I just wish it were longer.
  13. epii

    Green Machine

    When listening to this think of a war movie like maybe Tom Hanks in the thick of it wearing green fatigues. I don't know why that image sticks in my head when I hear this. Anyway, I wrote it on my acoustic guitar then transferred the finger picking note by note into Sonars piano roll using an acoustic guitar sample library uuugg... then all that work got covered up as the arrangement got more complicated. Oh well. Here's the link at box.com: https://app.box.com/s/22h9nh5kqa90c3tjh5mmfhh5n69e69ws
  14. Yet another piano song with no vocal. :( Yeah I know, it sounds like early 70's. I love that period. But nothing beats 60's music! Here's the box.com link: https://app.box.com/s/gaavrwm7ckphzp5p1gvoyjqt5mbyt7pj
  15. epii


    As usual with a lot of my stuff the flute-y thing is the vocal guide if I ever put on a vocal. I watched the Disney movie "Inside Out" and afterwards sat down at the piano and this came out. I loved the blue sadness character and I kept singing the word "sadness" hence the name of the song. It's me trying to write like the great Gilbert O'Sullivan but it wouldn't even rate among his worst. I post my stuff at box.com. Here's the link: https://app.box.com/s/4tkorjvexaeez05oqog9ciky7mzhqdvy