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  1. epii

    Never In A Million Years

    Some Guy That writes Music, Are you saying that you we're prompted to download an application in order to listen to the mp3? I wasn't aware that an application was required to stream and or download files from box.com. I thought that people could simply click on the link and hit "play" when the file appears. hmmm.... that's the first I've heard of this.
  2. epii

    Soft The Snow

    Here's a little ukulele song I wrote in 3/4 time. No strumming, just finger picking. I like finger picking on the uke. Actually it's a virtual instrument ukulele. As usual I put the notes one by one into the Sonar 8.5 piano roll going back and forth from my ukulele to my laptop. Then I worked out the arrangement. Here's the link at box.com: https://app.box.com/s/ru136r430ad1b0qykko5124w8n3p1fpz
  3. Here's a piano song with arrangement. No vocal. If the ending sounds kind of like The Beatles "Hello Goodbye" that's because I absolutely had to modulate the key and it just wanted to go there... so, sue me. :) Here's the box.com link: https://app.box.com/s/b2ckd7sasb6n95hk67zt6c65l6ufngrt
  4. epii

    You And I

    WOW!!!! This is fantastic! Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers would have been perfect for this. You are an enormous talent! Thanks for keeping great music and great arrangements alive... gives me hope that beautiful music will someday return. No reason young people can’t dig this stuff.. it’s melodic and interesting at a gut level. Bravo!!! terrific piece, I just wish it were longer.
  5. epii

    Green Machine

    When listening to this think of a war movie like maybe Tom Hanks in the thick of it wearing green fatigues. I don't know why that image sticks in my head when I hear this. Anyway, I wrote it on my acoustic guitar then transferred the finger picking note by note into Sonars piano roll using an acoustic guitar sample library uuugg... then all that work got covered up as the arrangement got more complicated. Oh well. Here's the link at box.com: https://app.box.com/s/22h9nh5kqa90c3tjh5mmfhh5n69e69ws
  6. Yet another piano song with no vocal. :( Yeah I know, it sounds like early 70's. I love that period. But nothing beats 60's music! Here's the box.com link: https://app.box.com/s/gaavrwm7ckphzp5p1gvoyjqt5mbyt7pj
  7. epii


    As usual with a lot of my stuff the flute-y thing is the vocal guide if I ever put on a vocal. I watched the Disney movie "Inside Out" and afterwards sat down at the piano and this came out. I loved the blue sadness character and I kept singing the word "sadness" hence the name of the song. It's me trying to write like the great Gilbert O'Sullivan but it wouldn't even rate among his worst. I post my stuff at box.com. Here's the link: https://app.box.com/s/4tkorjvexaeez05oqog9ciky7mzhqdvy
  8. epii

    Mental Suicide

    Nope, no lyrics. I started them a few times but end up getting bored. I just like composing and arranging.
  9. epii

    I Don't Want To Think

    Ken320, You're right, he always takes great care with his lyrics. He puts a lot of work into his lyrics but it's his melodies and chord progressions that move me at my core. I love his choppy piano style. It's truly original with his sort of one finger kick drum like bass note chopping along with the chords. Never any fancy arpeggios like most piano players, just that driving piano pulse behind everything. He attributes it to his having started off on drums. Makes sense. Gilbert O'Sullivan proves that you don't have to be a wiz at your instrument to write great songs. I think he'd just say; melody, melody, melody, it's all in the melody... and chords. I could talk for hours on his style. He's never garnered the mass appreciation here in the states that he does in Europe and that's a shame because young composers in this country have likely not even heard of him let alone heard any of his music. Like I said, I could talk for hours about Gilbert O'Sullivan. He's kinda like an Irish piano playing Bob Dylan but with a much more interesting sense of melody.
  10. epii

    Mental Suicide

    I know, it's kind of a weird title. Most likely a reflection of my Asperger's, OCD, and depression. I'm kinda proud of this one because I wrote it completely without picking up an instrument. Just me, some virtual instruments, my Sonar 8.5 DAW, my laptop and a mouse. Here it is at box.com: https://app.box.com/s/5pohfncrhmxa732qzu1l3w6on2zxvwyr
  11. epii

    I Don't Want To Think

    "Can't Think Straight" is beautiful. Peggy Lee's voice even sounded kind of like his. I'm a sucker for his signature song "Alone Again (Naturally)", I never tire of that song. I especially love his early stuff like "If I Don't Get You (Back Again)".
  12. epii

    I Don't Want To Think

    Ken320, Like I just replied to Luis Hernandez about Gilbert O'Sullivan... Thank you sooo much because Gilbert O'Sullivan is a huge influence on my music sensibilities. And actually, "no", I don't get that a lot.. in fact like.. never.. wish I would. So you guys really made my day. :)
  13. epii

    I Don't Want To Think

    Luis Hernandez, Thanks sooo much!!! You win a brand new shiny car! I absolutely LOVE Gilbert O'Sullivan and had him in the back of my mind when writing this tune. Especially the ending. The ending, as you might have noticed, is so Gilbert-y as to be almost a direct rip-off from any number of his songs from back in the day. I even call that chord toward the end the "Gilbert" chord because I've never taken the time to research what the chord is called. I kinda like being sort of dumb about music technicalities like fancy chord names. I think I used to call a "raised 9" chord, that "Purple Haze" chord. I do love fancy chords! Again, thank you so much for recognizing my Gilbert O'Sullivan influence. I really love that guy.
  14. epii

    Hop On The Bus

    Rabbival507, Thanks for linking to that Mozart piece. I personally can't see any similarity but hey anytime someone references Mozart to your piece just say "thank you"! So.. a big thank you for that! Yeah, I get what you mean about pieces in major keys.. they can be boring. In fact, as much as I love Mozart, some of the piano pieces in major keys bore me... but I admit that is my loss. The ukulele is a bit like the banjo with regard to it's emotional spectrum i.e. it's kinda hard to play anything other than happy music. You might notice in my piece that as I started it with that descending major lick I quickly turned it minor as I get bored very quickly with straight up major keys. Thanks for the input.
  15. epii

    Where to begin

    markstyles, Thanks for the kind words. I'm a huge Beatles guy and am flattered that you can hear the influence. I can't escape the power of the Beatles music.. and I never wish too escape it. The Beatles to me are the essence of all classical music crammed into bite-sized bits. I'm naturally drawn to artists with heavy Beatles roots i.e. Gilbert O'Sullivan, Chicago, ELO, Billy Joel to name a few.