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  1. MoveEleven, I would love to hear your music. Can you maybe post it (them) here in the forum or just reply to this here post and put a link(s) to wherever they are? I'm not real adept at getting around at this website (young composers that it), so anything to make hearing your stuff easy would be much appreciated. I know it must not be too difficult to look up peoples stuff here, but I tend to get frustrated navigating and often just give up. And don't get me started on the whole social media thing! Aaaaa!!! Not my thing. I don't understand it and have little interest in learning about it. I'm old school... landline, emails and a couple forums like this one is all I need. Social media is like a loud noise machine from my perspective. I know it's got it's strengths but I'm a hopeless Asperger-y introvert. I don't even own a mobile phone hehehe. Just remember, if the music comes from your heart then you're doing it right. Brian Wilson told George Martin (the Beatles producer who was also a brilliant composer/arranger) that it was like music blew out of his chest. Here's the incredible video where he said that, when Martin went to meet Wilson at his home in case you haven't seen it.
  2. MoveEleven, I read your edited comment and just listened to the Borodin piece. What a beautiful work! Thanks for pointing me to it.Yeah, I can hear that descending progression. Nothing new under the sun, right? I would bet you anything that John Williams was listening to that piece when he composed the score for “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” what-do-ya bet! There are subtle little E.T. melodic phrases later in the piece. Like I said; nothing new under the sun. McCartney said he and Lennon used to swipe bits from others all the time. And I’m sure you are familiar with the hauntingly beautiful Eric Carmen song “All By Myself”. I think Rachmaninoff would have loved the melody that Carmen sang over his beautifully melancholic chord progression. I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for melancholic tunes (when done tastefully). Don’t get me wrong, not everything is pinched, but it’s fun to find stuff that is whether it was conscious or unconscious. All these guys were fiercely original but every now and then they’d stumble into someone else’s ideas and change things up just enough to not make it obvious. I’m not sure but I think Eric Carmen credited Rachmaninoff in that song... how could he not as it was so obvious. You and I have very similar tastes in composers. I too love Brian Wilson and Burt Bacharach! Ahhh sweet melody! It’s like the seasoning on a nutritious plate of an otherwise bland helping of tasteless grub.
  3. MoveEleven, Wow! Thanks man. I'm a HUGE Gilbert O'Sullivan fan. His song "Out Of The Question" is one of my all-time favorites of his. And you're right, there is a chord progression similarity. But I had to go to YouTube to hear "Someday At Christmas" by Stevie Wonder whom I also love. Bullseye!!! You hit that nail on the head. I've always known my little tune "I Don't Want To Think" reminded me of something because the verse melody is so familiar, but I could never think of where I'd heard it. Now, thanks to you, I think maybe my tune was the unconscious work of my cerebral melody blender. I think maybe that I've heard the Stevie Wonder Christmas song before... I must have at some time, probably multiple times, I just haven't etched into the conscious cells in my brain. I (meaning my brain) am always unconsciously piecing together bits and pieces of stuff I've heard. I long ago let go of the desire to "be original". I just make up melodies to please my ears and if it turns out they've already been made then I don't care because creating chord progressions and melodies feels fresh and new to my ears, regardless. Making up tunes is more of a therapy for me than anything else. Anything to escape this Donald Trump nightmare we are all experiencing. I think he actually caught the virus but it managed to escape the junk food sewer that is his body screaming; "No way! I ain't goin' back in there!" Thanks again for the kind words! I seldom ever meet anyone who appreciates Gilbert O'Sullivan so good on ya! And bad on me for putting the name "Donald Trump" in the same paragraph as two truly legendary and inspiring musical titans.
  4. This is a piano song I made in Sonar 8.5. The flute-y thing is the melody guide. It needs a vocal. Yes... I love The Beatles.. in case you were wondering.
  5. Luis Hernandez, Tonskald, and Sepharite, Wow! Thanks you guys. I don't like today's popular music either. All the great timeless music from Bach to The Beatles seems lost to an entire generation. I miss simple melodies. Ahhh, the good old days indeed! Thanks again. :) -Rick (AKA epii)
  6. This is a popish sort of tune I made up in Sonar 8.5. I know, I know, it would have fit in back in the late 60’s or early 70’s. But that’s the pop music I love. I’m interested to hear opinions on composition, arrangement, melody, and how everything comes through in the mix. It badly needs a vocal. I have the lyrics written, I just don’t have a singer. I tried to get that awesome bari sax sound on The Beatles “Savoy Truffle”, it’s no where close, but it’s the best I could do with the sample libraries I have. First person to say “It needs more cowbell” wins a brand new shiny car. EDIT: There are two mp3's, one is without the horns and synths just so the melody is clearer. That, and I'm not really too thrilled with my horn arrangement.
  7. Guillem82, The flute-y thing I use is actually the “classic flute” patch of the FM8 virtual synth. And being that it’s a synth flute as opposed to a sampled flute, the range of the notes have no bounds. I don’t have a working knowledge of flutes to know when I’ve dipped down into alto flute range, so thanks for pointing that out. I’ve been working on this piece since you posted your last comments and I think I’ve isolated that reverb you mentioned. This mix in Sonar is a real mess. I forgot that I used another FM8 synth patch called “tronflute” modeled after the mellotron. It’s that patch that is real heavy on the reverb. As the arrangement was developing the classic flute patch was getting covered up by the other instruments and the plugins volume was maxed out as was Sonars volume for that midi channel. So I started more instances of those patches and layered them on in unison to get more volume. In addition to getting more volume, I also got some unison phasing and more hiss and more reverb. I’m in the process of cleaning up the mix and dumping the hissy reverb heavy tronflute entirely. It’s tedious work but I think it’s sounding much better. I found an effects plugin that boosts volume so I can now get the volume I need from the FM8 classic flute patch. I’m sure that’s way too much information, but I’m just typing to lull myself to sleep in the wee hours of the morning after a long day in Sonar land. Sonar long ago burned a ghost image into my TV screen. Good, because maybe I’ll talk myself into getting a 4K TV, hehehe. I think I’m getting sleepy now. -Rick
  8. Guillem82, Thanks for your helpful comments. Yes, you are right about the lower register in the melody getting lost in the mix. I’ve been working on this trying to increase it’s volume without muddying up everything. And as for the bass, I appreciate your pointing out it being too loud. I always have trouble getting bass levels at just the right balance. I mix in my flat response studio headphones, I know it’s not good to do that, but I have no monitors other than the built-in speakers on my TV. After posting this piece initially, I’ve been making changes to it trying to address these very issues you’ve mentioned, but I’m glad that you’ve confirmed them nonetheless. As far as a score, unfortunately I don’t read music so I’m kind of at a loss there. I really appreciate your feedback! Thanks again. -Rick
  9. Guillem82, Thank you for your kind words. I do realize most of the music people post here is more orchestral but being I have no vocals I consider my stuff as “incidental”. Glad you like it. 🙂 -Rick
  10. Here’s another piece I wrote on piano. Yes, it needs a vocal, but you’ll have to settle for the flute-y thing. There’s a lot going on in places and I’m not good at measuring dB levels, clashing frequencies, and all that sort of mind numbing stuff. I just like focusing on musical elements like melodies, harmonies, dynamics and stuff. I hope you at least get the flavor of the piece. It’s in F# minor, one of my favorite melancholic keys. I would appreciate feedback on everything from overall composition, arrangement, instrumentation, dynamics, and... *gulp*, the technical stuff like “boost the mid-range at around 20dB” (I actually just made that up and haven’t got a clue what it even means). I NEED AN ENGINEER DAMN IT! hehehe. But really, I do. Enjoy. -Rick
  11. Esper, And also composers in need of lyricists. 🙂 Checking out colleges for singers is a great idea. Thanks for your feedback! -Rick
  12. I’m thinking about entering a song writing contest but I can’t decide which of these two pieces to use. I think I’ve posted both of them here in the past for critiques, but now I just want to know which one I should use as an instrumental entry. Also, the titles; “Mental Suicide” and “I Don’t Want to Think” are really only working titles because of words that popped into my head as I was humming out the melodies, they can be changed. I’d like an opinion on that as well. Any feedback would be most appreciated. -Rick
  13. Fantastic!!! Very convincing! This must have taken you a very long time to do. Bet you had many sleepless nights. I’m assuming this was all done with virtual instruments and if so, those are some incredible samples! The mix and arrangement are world class. The reverb is wonderful and really makes it sound like a live performance. Just incredible! I hope you are trying to get the attention of people that could use your talents. This is a level of proficiency that few command. Great work!
  14. Here’s another one with heavy Beatles influence. I’m interested to know how the balance is and if the bass is too loud. Thanks for listening.
  15. jawoodruff, I lowered the volume on the flute-y thing a bit and panned the strings a bit to the left. This made some parts more audible so I fixed a few melodic voicings that weren’t sounding quite right. If you get a chance, I’d be interested in your opinion. Are the strings too loud?
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