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  1. I just heard that a few days ago and I was about to suggest it. Very cool piece.
  2. Since we're on the subject, Mr Marius, how important would you say it is to have the tools to compose VS creative skill? We discussed in another thread hardware, and the steep price one might pay for it. So how important is it that you have all that stuff? I have software and talent to write out scores all day, but the concept of self-producing everything is still a bit far away.
  3. Tenor sax. If you ask me, it's harder to make a melodic instrument sound like garbage (assuming you're playing it properly), and sax is certainly one of the easiest. I suppose it would depend on what you count as "playing", piano is certainly easy to get noise out of in the same way a drum kit is, but at what point are you actually playing it?
  4. Anyone can play Saxophone. It's pie.
  5. I'd hate to admit this, but looking back through my library of compositions, many of the best melodies I've written come with strong chord progressions. An awesome chord progression can suggest really great melodies, if you're happy going that route. I should say, relying on the chord progression alone never really works... it's really half and half, one or the other would be meh, but together it's cash.
  6. JustinW


    Maybe because I can't sight-read well on piano, I end up memorizing piano pieces by the time I can actually play them. it comes very easily, even early on though. It's a different story on saxophone, though; I can sight-read very well, but I have a really terrible time memorizing tunes on sax, even if I really like them. Maybe it's because I can look at my hands while playing piano? but even then, I don't have to stare at my hands to play a piano piece... huh... But either way, if you ask me, serious performances should be memorized. Maybe this is my rock roots showing, but sheet music on stage is lame. Well, I forgive you orchestra guys, that would suck to memorize all that stuff.
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