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  1. He said midi is allowable as long as it sounds decent.
  2. No, I'm just looking at it for what it is, and it wasn't empty at all and the harmonies are perfectly expectable. I was actually considering making them less obvious. The only possible problem I can see is that it might not be loopable enough.
  3. No, I really cleaned it up and it's perfect lol.
  4. By the way, I updated the track I recently uploaded. I completely changed the form so it makes more sense and it's just random modulations and stuff. You'll probably like it better.
  5. new piece. bpm 100. this took me a little longer than the others. I Slept.mp3
  6. different (possibly better) samples: bpm - 135 bmp for zeldatetris2 and the other version is 120. indestructible2.mp3 zeldatetris2.mp3 zeldaomgtetris.mp3 tetris2.mp3
  7. well, I wrote this just now for an introduction screen. it's called "indestructible". i've attached two versions. one's an mp3 recording of my soundcard's interpretation of the midi, one is softsynth. Also if you have a Credits screen in the game an area where your name is displayed as well as the developers and music, one of these might work. tempo - 135 introscreen(indestructable).mp3 indestructable.mp3
  8. How did you get yours to sound so good?? omg.. those are really fast notes, what is the grouping? It's so awesome...
  9. No, i was confused by that a little too.. just means don't expect for it to definitely work out.. there's a low chance. that's all it means.
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