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  1. I've seen "stagger breathe" marked on parts where an instrument is expected to hold a note for decades.
  2. I've had to deal with so much JS Bach in the past couple of months that I would love to have a big long break from Bach.
  3. I'd like to be proficient with both. However I am proficient with neither.
  4. I want to be cool and write a contrabassoon solo too
  5. I probably posted in this thread five years ago... my answer stands. Bassoon.
  6. There are no text boxes there that change the text under my avatar.
  7. It's been a while since I changed my profile and stuff. And I want to change the text under my avatar, and there are two problems I am having. The right side is cut off everything and it looks like garbage. Also I cannot find the option to change the text. Where is it?
  8. 1. Those time stamps are ridiculous. 2. What is that icon on the tab?
  9. hey gretch, sup

    1. froglegs


      Update your status.

  10. She has a new single and video. Is it as bad as this one? I'm afraid to go look.
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