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  1. I'm glad you appreciate my comments, even though they are not that positive, I figured I might as well just be honest, my opinion is just one in a million, so don't take it too hard :) I don't really know the folklore you describe, which is probably a contributor to why I didn't make any sense of it. You should first and foremost do what you think it best though, it's your music.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/user/SalRosenskjold?feature=mhee I don't think the video works that well, to be frank I don't think the movie itself looks that good. I think it would be easier to watch a real video, which doesn't follow the beat of the music so consistently, or still images with longer intervals between them.
  3. I'm one of those who only has pictures, and in my case I think it serves the music well. Also creating a good video requires skills I'm not interested in spending time on acquiring, so as long as no one who works with that media on a daily basis offers their help, I'll stick to what I study myself music, and put on some good photographs taken by someone I know studies photography.
  4. Well, usually people who behave like you on the internet, turn out to be trolls, doing it for fun to agitate people. But in your case I don't think it is like that. I think you enjoy ridiculing other people and that you think it's okay, because the given person was writing something quite ambitious or simply stupid. In either case I think it's annoying that I so often find you mocking people on this forum. It leaves little room for a good atmosphere when you behave like that. I wonder why anyone would want to treat other people that way. I mean, really.
  5. I think you're one of the most rude persons I've ever encountered on a forum.
  6. I'm seriously baffled. After 2 pages of slandering, someone still finds the patience to tell you in a polite, simple way why you're coming off as extremely arrogant, and this is your response. I really hope you're either 14 years old or just a troll, because if you act like this in real life, you must be the most annoying person on the planet. Do you even read what people post, or do you automatically open up your thesaurus and start rambling about how fantastic you are and how everyone who disagrees with you is a frightened little kid who doesn't have the courage to share his opinion. Good effort Ian, you can't win 'em all.
  7. It's sad that Ryan's amazing talent to, as phil so correctly puts it, talk in an "arrogant, pseudo-enlightened" way, almost justifies how belittling some of the responses were in the beginning.
  8. Don't worry so much about whether you've heard the melody you're using before. If you spend time on developing it and work with the melody, there's a good chance you'll end up with something of your own anyway. Going through life trying to only come up with original melodies sounds like a dry experience. If you like a melody write something for it, just remember to develop it and not just let it be as it is.
  9. Nice attitude bro, really creates a good atmosphere. I think you should check out the score as well and just dig into it. Personally I think the recording you listed is too slow, I would prefer it in a faster tempo, and also with the choir added, like in this one:
  10. At the conservatory in Copenhagen there's a separate class for electro-acoustics.
  11. What if you want to write in a baroque style?
  12. You can read this section: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trill_(music) Also there's a good explanation here, keep in mind though that it's not certain everyone interprets it the same way: http://www.pennuto.com/music/jsb_ornm.htm
  13. You might want to look that up, I'm pretty sure it's "Emotionology"
  14. Yes thank you, I'm familiar with them. I was thinking about the previous sentence, which I assumed would be obvious.
  15. I don't agree that the romantic era is so much more popular than the others, so I was just wondering if you had any actual data to support your claim.
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