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  1. I like to sing and hope to be able to have my own songs one day. I do not play instrument (I learnt a little bit of piano and guitar in the past). I haven't really studied any music theory either. I know the basic from the music classes I took in middle school. I would like to find out if it is possible at all to write songs and produce them myself in such a case? Is there any music software out there that is for people like me who did not receive much music education but are very interested in writing pop music? Is there any website that helps you learn the minimum in order to write and produce music in a prompt manner? (I am hoping to be able to start writing soon) What is the minimum I need to learn and know in order to write and produce? I always have the impression that pop music is easier to write than classic music, as it's less strict and it can be creative. Is that correct or no?
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