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  1. It was by the end of 2012 when I began experimenting with different writing styles. I guess this was the first among those (finished) pieces. This was written on June 24, 2013. And since this composition, my composing style was largely unchanged to date, so I'd be really happy to hear your thoughts 😊 P.S. About the C.11 in the title... it stands for compo11, where compo# is a codename for my series of compositions when I began to get serious in composing on December 2012 . In short, this was the 11th of my compo series. Hope you enjoy it! 😁
  2. Yah, I happened to have experimented on left hand variants as you have mentioned after this was written. Also with the right hand parts, but I decided to use those experiments in my other compositions 😉 Thanks for the feedback!
  3. Wow, I never realized there are lots of them 😵 I guess this is a good starting point for me to start learning these terms 😂 Thanks!
  4. I was very very inspired by Liszt's virtuoso works at the time this was written so yeah, I guess I deliberately added those quick and jumpy octaves 😂
  5. Another re-post I wrote this one on December 11, 2012. This was my attempt on multiple modulations in a piece (and I hope I did it right lol). And oh, a little trivia on this one: only 2 years after I wrote this piece that I actually learned what modulation is 😂 Comments are very very welcome, especially because I want to learn more about modulations 😊 Hope you like it!
  6. Another re-post It was late 2010 - early 2011 when I became obsessed with Liszt's works, and so my later compositions had a bit of inspiration from his composition style. I had a few pieces where I attempted to incorporate a few Liszt-like motifs, although frankly I'm not entirely sure of what I am doing 😂. Anyway, this one here was a piano arrangement of a song that I used to sing in school during my elementary days. This was written on February 6, 2012. It was only in my college years when I realized the title may have confused a few people because they said the song they knew of the same/similar title had a melody that was very different from what I used here. But I'm quite certain that this is the title of the song that I know haha! My Toes, My Knees was my very first attempt to make a piano arrangement of a song, well actually this is more of a variations kind of piece (I'm actually not sure what to call it. If you guys know it, I'd really appreciate if you tell me hehe). And while I edited this piece on 2015, I decided to simply upload and share with you the original, untouched 2012 version because, well, this is a re-post after all 😊 Hope you enjoy it!
  7. I remember when I was writing this piece, I was obsessed with arpeggios and works of Beethoven. Actually I can't believe I've written something like this, among the few ones I made when I was still new to composing. Haha! This has been one of my major compositions that really defined my composition style way back--- after listening to this for a while, I realized my style has changed since late 2011 when I heard of Liszt's works. I'll try to dig in to my files and see what other "old" pieces I may share in this forum. Thanks for the comments!
  8. Hi, love your Rain-inspired pieces! Actually I was a bit hesitant to give it a title Rain, but I guess it's the closest I can get to capturing the purpose and background of this piece. I could have named it Storm, but that may give a different meaning to it then. Thank you! 😄
  9. Another re-post 😊 It was a rather stormy weather of May, 2011. I remember I wrote this piece out of boredom because I can't go outdoors to do some gardening. (actually the original title of this piece was Song of Boredom 😂 and it stayed that way until sometime a month later in June when I decided to change it to Rain). While writing the piece, I kept on looking at the window. The rain was a bit gentle that time, and I felt relaxed. After typing in a few notes, the rain got stronger and stronger. Then a few hours later, everything went silent. I guess that explains the structure of the piece? Even today I'm still wondering where I got those "happy" tunes from a rather stormy inspiration 🤣 Hope you guys enjoy this! I'll keep on looking for old compositions that I can re-post here 😊
  10. Just a short background: Arpeggia is the title of a piece I composed way back 2010 when I was still new to composing. In fact, this Arpeggia in A minor was the first piano composition I shared in this forum in March, 2010. The original post was actually still in the archives of this site, but I can no longer access the music file. Anyway, fast forward 8 years later, I decided to revisit the piece and edit it to a more "playable" form; but my edits are very minor because I want to preserve as much of the original version possible. So here it is, Arpeggia in A minor. Perhaps I derived the title from the word arpeggio, and I could still remember how fascinated I was with arpeggios at the time this was composed. Hope you guys enjoy one of my first compositions! I also wanna know your thoughts on my old style of composing (I believe my style has changed through the years. This was almost completely different from my latest ones haha!) 😁
  11. I'm also a huge fan of waltz, and this is quite relaxing 😊 Good job! 👍
  12. They were all intentional :) Thanks! :D
  13. Hi everyone! Just got back to this forum after n years and realized that my old submissions went missing. So I went back to my old compositions and decided to re-upload some of them :) Here's one entitled "Scalar Etude" that I composed in late 2011-early 2012. I made a few changes from the original form, so I guess I'd re-upload it somehow. Hope you enjoy it! All comments and feedback are very welcome :)
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