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    I'm a neurologist that practices in the Boston area who loves to write music in his spare time. I played the violin and viola growing up and loved playing in orchestras. I was a music major in college.
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    Beethoven, Brahms, Bach, Dvorak, Mahler, Bruckner
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    Tonal with influences from Baroque, Classical, and Romantic styles
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  1. I write in concert pitch then transpose after it is finished. Thank goodness for notation software!
  2. Same Melody Twice

    Most composers have recycled themes. Schubert in particularly did it all the time. If it was okay with him, probably okay for anyone else.
  3. I'm a big Dvorak fan but I also never warmed to the cello concerto. I also never got into Brahms' symphonies, except for the first. I'm also not a huge fan of the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto. I recognize that is an impeccably constructed work but it is just too "clean" for me if that makes any sense.
  4. Thanks. I identified and fixed what I think were the more glaring offenders. I appreciate your pointing them out to me!
  5. Thanks for the comments! Unfortunately, I am a mediocre violinist and can't play piano at all though I think this is playable at the indicated tempo.
  6. Thanks! That's the way I approached it with a simple rhythmic motive with overlying arpeggios.
  7. I'd appreciate that! I'm sure I have a few false notes here and there I wouldn't mind polishing it up a little.
  8. A short etude I wrote today while taking a break from larger works. I actually thought it came out pretty nice considering I wrote it in less than a day with is really unusual for me. Score is attached but forgive the untidiness.
  9. Three pieces from childhood

    I always find it interesting to listen to/revisit early attempts at composition and sometimes recycled themes and fragments into more mature works. Edward Elgar actually used pieces he wrote in childhood decades later as the basis of an orchestra suite. I actually think there is some nice material here and like Noah, I thought the March of Eagles was the best of the three.

    Very cool competition. If I can find the right inspiration, I'd love to enter. If not, I'd love to judge .
  11. Russian Waltz

    Pretty. It shares similarities with Shostakovich's Waltz from his Jazz Suite so you've definitely nailed the Russian flavor.
  12. Competition Poll

    I think the last competition seemed more like an exercise in orchestration rather than a way to stimulate creativity. I think future competitions should be broad in terms of criteria to encourage composers of all types to participate. For example, the Shakespeare one really brought out great entries of incredible breadth and scope. Contests that have narrow criteria like requiring specific ensembles, forms, or themes are going generate far less interest. I also think that we may want to have a rule that the winner of a competition should be ineligible for consideration from participating (at least officially) in another one for a certain period of time and instead, the previous winner should be a judge and/or be permitted to come up with the rules for the next one. Otherwise, it will be a revolving door of the same small cadre of winners which over time will discourage others from entering they feel they have no chance of winning. At the same time this would give previous winners acknowledgment by letting them have a role in devising/judging the next one (if they so choose).
  13. An argument for parallel fifths

    Sorry, not sure what the point of this was. If the OP weren't such a respected member of the community, I would have just chalked this up to an attempt at trolling.
  14. Heir to the Empire

    Very cool. I loved these books as a kid and always thought they would work well as movies. So far from what I've listened, this would work great as a soundtrack with a nice integration of John Williams' music in an original presentation. Good luck with the rest of the trilogy, this is quite an ambitious project!
  15. Etude for Clarinet

    Writing good minimalist music is deceptively difficult. I've tried myself and ultimately gave up since everything I wrote sounded so unconvincing. There's a very fine line between the charm of subtlety in repetition with minor shifts in tone and color and well, repetitiveness. Your piece is okay, though to me it sounds like a parody of Glass's solo part in his violin concerto no. 1. There definitely needs to be be more contrast than just constant arpeggiations.