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    I'm a neurologist that practices in the Boston area who loves to write music in his spare time. I played the violin and viola growing up and loved playing in orchestras. I was a music major in college.
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    Beethoven, Brahms, Bach, Dvorak, Mahler, Bruckner
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    Tonal with influences from Baroque, Classical, and Romantic styles
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    Finale 2014
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  1. bkho


    Interesting theme. I may try to give this a shot if time permits.
  2. It's okay, definitely "very heavily" influenced by Hans Zimmer. It's certainly very listenable but I'm not sure how a music college would view the lack of originality. However, your mixing abilities are in good display here.
  3. bkho

    Piano Trio in A-flat Major, Opus 18

    Love it, especially the second movement. The overall work reminds me of very early Schumann. As I would absolutely love to see the score, I respect your desire to protect your music. That being said, I have the opposite point of view, that the best way to protect my ownership of my music is to have it as freely available as possible. It's a lot harder to take credit for music not your own if it's been out there in wide circulation, though I don't really care about making money off my music. Though I would never imagine anyone stealing my music, it apparently has happened to me though the perpetrator was called out on it by another person who had already been familiar with the piece in question from hearing it since I have it widely available on many internet sites.
  4. bkho

    How much money has Beethoven made?

    If you are talking about money made by anyone via Beethoven's music and likeness, it probably is in the hundreds of billions if not more.
  5. bkho

    I Can't Compose?

    Ever composer goes through exactly what you describing. Mental blocks, difficulty in putting what is in my head to paper (or computer screen) etc., I experience this constantly. Honestly, I wish there was an easy way to do it, but for 99.9% of us, composing good music is hard. My advice is to just write and know that much of what you write is not going to be up to your standards off the bat. One of the great American composers (I think it was Samuel Barber though I can't find the exact quote) one said that most important tool for the composer is the eraser. In the end, it's always easier to take a bad piece and keep working on it and honing it to something better, then to come up with something great immediately. Study music that you like and emulate or flat out steal what you think works well and put it into your earlier efforts as you try to get better. Sometimes to try to get inspiration, I'll arrange a piece I like for a different ensemble as a way to learn from the music up close, or write a set of theme and variations where your compositional process is more focused. Save everything you write, no matter how small it is; sometimes coming back and looking at an old work in progress or fragment can be a source of inspiration.
  6. I'll also gladly test without pay. I'm sorry I hadn't gotten around to really trying it out. I definitely plan to do so once my schedule lightens up.
  7. bkho

    Organ Fugue(?) in D# minor

    Not bad for a first attempt. It's really more a brief fugato work since after you introduce your subjects, they don't really return or get developed since it's so short. Watch the parallel 5ths and octaves. If you are really striving to emulate the baroque style, these would be big no-no's.
  8. bkho

    Street Of Crocodiles

    Very interesting exercise that really highlights how much music plays a role in evoking a response to the scenes. Your score made the film very unsettling for me to watch since your music with the surreal animation kind of made it seem almost like a horror film to me (something I have a weak stomach for), while the original score (I had to look it up to compare) evoked that feeling far less in me. I don't know if that was intentional or not and is certainly meant as a compliment rather than a criticism since I thought it was neat that it had that effect on me.
  9. bkho

    Overture in A Minor

    Nice piece. Reminds me of Mendelssohn's "Hebrides" overture.
  10. Thanks for listening Ken! True, I am not much for very slow pieces unless required as part of a multi-movement work (there is an adagio movement in my harpsichord concerto!). I'm glad the sections between the recurrence of the opening harmonic progression provide good enough contrast since as you indicate, there is no real allegro part. I definitely plan to transcribe this for a string orchestra. The concerto idea is interesting. Thanks for listening!
  11. Very pleasant to listen to and lyrical and wistful which fits your intent I would think. I have to admit, having the vocal parts taken up by various instruments to my ear makes this sound like accompaniment to something visual like a ballet or silent film.
  12. bkho


    Really great little piece. I think it's perfect as it is!
  13. There are lots of parallel movement and little rhythmic change and incomplete chords. Also some measures seem unplayable (Like measures 25 and 26) but these are common initial tendencies as a novice composer (I went through this myself) so definitely keep composing!
  14. I've always wanted to try writing a piece for organ. Though he didn't write much for organ, I am a big fan of Mozart's organ music and in particular his Fantasy in F minor which inspired this work in terms of structure and the fugal subject which is similar, though otherwise I treated the sections very differently. It is generally organized as a chaconne-like theme and variations in pairs separated by two extended sections (a fugato and a more lyrical section). I had posted an unfinished version of this in the incomplete section and I greatly appreciated the feedback. I also plan to transcribe a version for string orchestra.
  15. bkho

    Why do you compose?

    I compose because I love music am a mediocre musician at best, so writing music is the best way for me to be an active participant in the music making process. It's a great outlet for me as a stress reliever as my day job is actually quite stressful. I actually go through a series of emotions when I write music, the initial excitement when I come up with (what I think at least) is a great theme, melody or harmonic progression, frustration as I struggle to put down what I have in my head onto the page or notation software (I do not have perfect pitch), pleasantly surprised when I inadvertently discover an interesting chord or modulation, and finally a bit euphoric when I finally finish a piece. Time wise, I'm all over the place. Some of what I consider my best smaller scale works only took me from beginning to end, a few hours. Another large scale work took me seven years to finally finish and a work which I would consider my magnum opus has been in progress for over 20 years. If I am able to devote regular effort on a piece, it probably takes me around 3-4 weeks to write 5 minutes or so of quality music. Best of luck on your essay.