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    I'm a neurologist that practices in the Boston area who loves to write music in his spare time. I played the violin and viola growing up and loved playing in orchestras. I was a music major in college.
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  1. I actually quite agree with you, I've always felt that it didn't quite hang together as coherently as I hoped, though I like the individual sections individually which it why I've kept tinkering with it. I appreciate the honest review.
  2. I think it is easier for neglected/overlooked works for smaller ensembles, especially solo piano to gain a potential audience since a big name soloist championing a little-known composer can gain traction. Much harder for a major orchestral work where the financial investment required is far more significant. If you're going to invest in producing a concert, which is more likely to draw an audience and make money: a performance of well-known warhorses/famous composers or a concert consisting of works by composers virtually unknown to the public? Perhaps with social media allowing for more exposure, it may start to get a little easier. I agree, there are some great gems out there if you are willing to look.
  3. Thanks for listening! Your feedback is much appreciated.
  4. Very nice arrangement. I do wonder if some areas have some playability issues (two examples are measure 27 where it would seem the left hand runs into the right and measure 29 where it would seem one would need a third hand to play the ascending eight note octaves) but I'm not an experienced pianist so you may know better than me.
  5. After a long hiatus without writing much music or being active on this site due to both professional and personal reasons, I've trying to get back in the swing of things. I've been revising older works and this piece in particular I've come back to off and on for awhile. It is the second piece in a set of six solo piano pieces dedicated to my daughter (the keys loosely spell the first 6 letters of her name) and I've always considered the least polished as while there are individual parts of it I liked, it never sounded quite right to me. This is the latest revision and I welcome any comments.
  6. I think most people would disagree with your assessment of the 7th symphony as his "worst symphony." The Allegretto movement alone is a masterpiece, perhaps the greatest slow movement in any symphony in my opinion. Personally, I find it hard to decide between the the 7th and his 9th as my favorite Beethoven symphony. For me, I would rank them 9 or 7, then 5th, 6th, 3rd, 4th, 2nd, 1st, then 8th.
  7. Just an update as I've been going through older works, making some revisions and also used some nice new piano samples.
  8. Sounds original to me as well. It has a similar character to Beethoven's Ode to Joy but it is clearly very different. Perhaps you're "plagiarizing" yourself from an earlier work? I've done that before, writing something and being convinced I subconsciously stole it from someone and turning out to be actually from a scrap of something I wrote and abandoned a long time ago (I have a bad habit of starting many things and finishing very few).
  9. It's nice but harmonically pretty static as it stays in G minor though out without much variation in the chord progression or any modulation. For a short piece like this, that's okay but after while you'll want to have have some contrast.
  10. For an early work, there are nice elements. The melody is very nice and the harmonies are clean. However, as Luis pointed out, there are many areas which are likely unplayable for most pianists because of very large intervals as your middle voices are either too low for the right hand to play or too high for the left hand. Unless you are writing for someone with a huge fingerspan, I'd avoid intervals in each hand larger than an octave. For example, that F in measure 10 is unplayable, measures 13-20 would also be unplayable and there are a quite few other measures with similar problems. Also try to avoid parallel 5ths if possible, like at the end, which generally is avoided in tonal music and just has a blocky sound. But as I said, there are many aspects I enjoyed in your work and I'm sure your professor is quite honored to have someone write such a piece for him.
  11. Very nice! Few soloists nowadays write their own cadenzas, so this is very impressive.
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