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    I'm a neurologist that practices in the Boston area who loves to write music in his spare time. I played the violin and viola growing up and loved playing in orchestras. I was a music major in college.
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  1. I've always wanted to try writing a piece for organ. Though he didn't write much for organ, I am a big fan of Mozart's organ music and in particular his Fantasy in F minor which inspired this work in terms of structure and the fugal subject which is similar, though otherwise I treated the sections very differently, essentially with a chaconne-like theme and variations in pairs separated by two extended sections. I had posted an unfinished version of this in the incomplete section and I greatly appreciated the feedback and I finally go around to finishing it. I'm not sure if this is actually playable and likely there are many counterpoint and voice leading errors I've missed but here it is in its current state.
  2. Why do you compose?

    I compose because I love music am a mediocre musician at best, so writing music is the best way for me to be an active participant in the music making process. It's a great outlet for me as a stress reliever as my day job is actually quite stressful. I actually go through a series of emotions when I write music, the initial excitement when I come up with (what I think at least) is a great theme, melody or harmonic progression, frustration as I struggle to put down what I have in my head onto the page or notation software (I do not have perfect pitch), pleasantly surprised when I inadvertently discover an interesting chord or modulation, and finally a bit euphoric when I finally finish a piece. Time wise, I'm all over the place. Some of what I consider my best smaller scale works only took me from beginning to end, a few hours. Another large scale work took me seven years to finally finish and a work which I would consider my magnum opus has been in progress for over 20 years. If I am able to devote regular effort on a piece, it probably takes me around 3-4 weeks to write 5 minutes or so of quality music. Best of luck on your essay.
  3. A Brisk Walk

    I enjoyed this a lot and I usually listen to atonal works with a bit if a skeptical ear. Great job!
  4. I've been revising older works of late, particularly my earlier piano pieces. This is the third of a set of three pieces where each work emulates one of the major old style of Western Music (Baroque, Classical, Romantic). It's a someone free-wheeling, highly virtuosic work (I've been told that an earlier version may not have been playable which I've since tried to address) and is essentially a piano transcription of the ending of another work of mine for violin and orchestra. I recently acquired some nice piano sounds which I also tried out on this work (VI Labs Ravescroft 275). Score is attached but as always, it's a bit messy.
  5. Just FYI for anyone interested, VI Lab's amazing Ravenscroft 275 piano samples are on sale for $99 (50% off). Even though I already have their other pianos which I think sound pretty great (I updated all my posted piano music with them), their Ravenscroft virtual piano is widely regarded as the finest available so this is a pretty good deal. I just bought it myself and can't wait to try it! Just my humble opinion. Here's a link to the deal here. https://audioplugin.deals/
  6. Thanks for the additional feedback. The sudden ending is just a placeholder. My intent is to have the ascending chromatic harmonic return in embellished fashion and conclude with an elaborate reprise of the fugato section.
  7. I really enjoyed this work, lovely orchestration and melodies. Kind of reminds me of Berlioz.
  8. Sorry for the delay in my replies, thanks for listening and commenting. Ugh, the idea of Schenkering my own works gives me nightmares. That was the one aspect of music theory that I struggled with in college.
  9. This is a half-finished piece I started over the summer on which I hit a wall. It's an organ work, inspired by Mozart's Fantasia in F minor for Organ. There are parts that don't sound quite right but since I've listened to this so many times that now I can't really be objective as to which parts work and which part don't so any honest feedback is appreciated. The score is quite a mess but I've attached it as well.
  10. I think one of my New Year's Resolutions will be to write a piece that passes ilv's sharp scrutiny .
  11. This is wonderful! Do you have a score? With your permission, I'd like to run your piece though some better sound fonts as the midi doesn't do it justice.
  12. Definitely like this version better! If I had to nitpick, my only quibble is still Vader’s entrance could be more dramatic. I guess I’m just too used to hearing the gong/brass part in the original. Still great job!
  13. Ambitious indeed to rescore a scene with an iconic soundtrack but I thought you did a great job. I completely agree with LostSamurai's comment about needing some change in the music when the stormtroopers board. The music was great in building up the opening scene but doesn't quite work as well when looped into the action part of the scene. Also a bit of a let down that the music drops out when Vader enters.
  14. String Quartet No. 1 in Cm

    I like it quite a bit. My only bit of feedback is that parts at times seem to drop in and out without a clear reason. For example, measure 27, when the descending figure in the viola and second violin fails to resolve in the next measure (at least to my ears) and later in the work, parts just pop in for a couple measure then drop out. However, I really like the balance between the players, particularly the viola part which actually does a fair bit of heavy lifting in this movement which I'm sure your violist will appreciate. I took the liberty of putting your midi file through garritan string soundfonts which aren't great but I thought made it sound a little better.
  15. Overall, I liked it! My recommendation would be continue with the descending triple figuration in base though that's just a matter of personal taste.